May 20, 2019 / 7:35 AM

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Common Criticizes Peyton Manning's Use of Human Growth Hormone



Rapper Common recently spoke with TMZ about the scandal over Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning's alleged use of human growth hormone.

Allegations of Peyton's use of the banned substance surfaced in the Al Jazeera documentary The Dark Side. The film alleges HGH was delivered to Manning's house under the name of his wife, Ashley.

Common was incredulous on hearing that Manning, who is hailed as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, had allegedly taken banned substances during his recovery from a neck injury. The rapper said that true athletic talents don't require performance-enhancing drugs, which diminish their accomplishments and tarnish their legacies.

"Michael Jordan didn't take any drugs to become the great, greatest player," the Chicago rapper says. "LeBron is not taking any drugs. Steph Curry's not taking any drugs. And I don't think Peyton Manning and those guys do that. Those are great athletes that have achieved high.''

"They are superhuman athletes," Common went on to say. "So if you're taking drugs to be superhuman, it takes away from some of the joy of knowing you have these abilities, these God-given gifts."

Regarding the incident, Manning said, "The allegation that I would do something like that is complete garbage and is totally made up. It never happened. Never.

"I really can't believe somebody would put something like this on the air," he added. "Whoever said this is making stuff up."

Charie Sly, a pharmacist in Austin, Texas, says Manning received HGH from the antiaging clinic in which he works. However, he later backtracked from his claims, saying, ""The statements on any recordings or communications that Al Jazeera plans to air are absolutely false and incorrect. To be clear, I am recanting any such statements and there is no truth to any statement of mine that Al Jazeera plans to air. Under no circumstances should any of those recordings, statements or communications be aired."

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