July 18, 2018 / 5:08 AM

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Coachella Sends VR Cardboard Boxes To Ticket Holders



Coachella is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious and important music festivals each year. To be a headliner is a landmark moment in an artist's career and a make or break moment for many. Tickets sell out in a flash even with the ticket prices rising to nearly $400 this year. Now they are looking into the future, one that appears to have more screens, and sent out VR (virtual reality) cardboard boxes to ticket holders in a greeting package that allows attendees to view the festival in virtual reality.

Users will also download an app that will host all of the content, which includes 360-photos from festivals past, old interviews and performances from this year's artists. Fans will also be able to take a virtual tour of the festival grounds. New content will be regularly updated onto the app right until the first weekend in April.

It is unclear whether or not home users will have the same capabilities to stream the festival using VR, like they can using the traditional YouTube stream. The website also says that Oculus and HTC Hive compatibility are coming soon.

Content from Matt & Kim, Gallant and others is coming soon.

Upon first glance this sounds like it could be an instance where you have 100,000 zombies wandering around the Coachella grounds, stumbling into each other, staring at the VR boxes and not the world in front of them. There probably will be some of those people and they deserve a swift kick in the shin (don't), but with most of the content coming before the festival, those zombies should get their fill before heading to Coachella.

A future with fans walking around with Oculuses on their flipping through various performances could appear possible, but for the sake of live music, let's hope that never happens.

Coachella VR

Introducing Coachella VR. Download the Coachella VR app + try out the VR viewer in your Welcome Box. Check out the 2016 Teaser video, VR content from Matt and kim, Gallant, Chef Fretz of The Church Key, explore the grounds & more to come.

Posted by Coachella on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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