Yesterday was Twitter's 10 year anniversary and while everyone was expounding on why they love Twitter so much, others were using the medium for the way it was meant to be used - beefing. One of the best in the EDM game at the art, Diplo decided to go full Kanye West and unprovoked called out Zedd for his new song with Aloe Blacc - the reimagining of the M&Ms "Candyman" theme. Among the many things in their back and forth, which deadmau5 decided to chime in on, Diplo called out Zedd for creating a "Flume ripoff" and a being a "pompous cornball loser."

Some of the most damaging or popcorn popping Tweets have been deleted, but their contents are of course still online.

Then Diplo responds with the classic compliment mixed with an underhanded and savage diss. "Your young and rich and a great musician.. Use that to your advantage.. Don't be such a pompous cornball loser also I f*cked your girl."

A little sparring over grammar, Diplo tries to come in as a parental figure trying to save Zedd from himself. "You aren't a bad person . I just know you can do better that's all .. I'm just praying for you."

Of course deadmau5 has a take on the issue having beefed with Diplo over his pop collabs and helped bring up Zedd in the industry.

Ahh beef. We want to hate it, but all secretly love it.

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