March 20, 2019 / 2:04 AM

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Kid Cudi Shares 'The Frequency,' Bringing Back 'Man On The Moon' Vibes



Kid Cudi has practically disappeared ever since he was slammed by critics and fans over the execution of his punk, grunge, psychedelic album Speedin' Bullet To Heaven. He reappeared on Kanye West's Life Of Pablo, in the actual music as a writer and then again at the album release party at Madison Square Garden going HAM with Yeezy. Now he is turning back the clock with some serious Man On The Moon album series vibes on a new loose single "The Frequency," which has co-production from Mike Dean and frequent collaborator Plain Pat.

The track is much different from the disorganized, noisy and at time unlistenable Speedin' Bullet To Heaven. It has the spacey, stoner sound that fans loved from the Cudi on his first couple of albums.

The production from Mike Dean, Plain Pat and Kid Cudi sets the tone "The Frequency" with slow moving and head-bobbing percussion and high-pitched low frequencies helping along the harmony underneath Cudder's hums.

The lyrics touch on familiar themes of sex and drugs, as he describes a chilled night on hallucinogenics with several women down to engage in sexual activities.

Couple clubs and I'm in the zone / Rather take the party home / Took it in the groove / Wet sex passionate in a dark tomb / In a dark tomb / If it twine inside then hold tight never let it loose / Wet it up / Couple girls, couple stories, and a couple shrooms / Couple girls, couple stories, and a couple shrooms / Couple girls, couple girls make a nigga feel less lonely / I trust them, my riders / Easing my frequency / Curiosity, is the key to my frequency," raps Cudi.

Stream the song below. There is no word on when it may be released, if at all, but it will be here to enjoy for fans. Hopefully there is more like this in the pipeline soon.

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