July 17, 2018 / 9:17 PM

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Blake Shelton 'Friends' from 'The Angry Birds Movie' Review: Goofy Track Begs to Be Montaged



Blake Shelton may be known for his country music tales of lost love, sipping whiskey and sexing. Though he's on the family-friendly show The Voice, it's fairly safe to say that Shelton is an adult-focused singer. But, that tide has seemed to shift in the last few months. The once prolific drunk tweeter hosted the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards last month, and now he's released a downright bouncy kid-friendly track "Friends" for the upcoming The Angry Birds Movie.

Shelton's latest song dropped on Thursday (April 7), just a few weeks after he debuted the lead single off his new album, "Came Here to Forget." In direct contrast to the theme of drinking away your divorce status on "Came Here to Forget," "Friends" is an upbeat track about finding a new buddy in the most unlikely form!

"Hey, hey, you and me / Different as two can be / You like to rock, I like to roll / You take the high, I take the low / Woah-oh-oh / Just some roughed up desperados / Hangin' tough through thick and thin / Kickin' up dust wherever we go / I can just see you and me are gonna be friends," Shelton sings near the end of the track.

The almost-goofy instrumentation (which sounds like it was created with a Bop-It) just begs to be used in some sort of travel montage for The Angry Birds Movie, and you just KNOW that's where it is going to end up.

While kids will probably gobble up the fun-filled beat, country music fans... well, you have your own single.

Shelton isn't the only musician to be tied to The Angry Birds Movie. One of his film co-stars is pop star Charli XCX, and Demi Lovato has also been tapped for a new soundtrack single.

The Angry Birds Movie is due to be released on May 20.

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