Afeni Shakur, the woman that many grew to know as as the mother who inspired the lyrics to the late Tupac Shakur's hit single, "Dear Mama," has died at the age of 69. Celebrities and friends of the late rapper expressed their condolences on Twitter with heartfelt messages to the family.

Afeni, born Alice Faye Williams, died on the evening of May 2 after being rushed to the hospital due to a reported cardiac arrest according to NBC News. According to the report, the former Black Panthers member's death will be further investigated by the coroner's office near her home of Sausalito, CA.

The news of the death of Tupac's mother quickly spread causing close friends of the former rapper to respond on Twitter.

Sandra Denton, better known in the hip hop community as Pepa of the female group Salt-N-Pepa, shared her condolences on twitter, recalling how it was the actions and leadership of Afeni that guided her in many ways. "RIP Dear Mama," wrote Denton. "Learned a lot about being a woman from watching you."

Others like Nikki Woods, producer on the hit radio show The Tom Joyner Morning Show tweeted her condolences, along with an Instagram photo of a young Shakur with his mother, and a verse from "Dear Mama." "20 years later ... a mother gets to hold her son again," wrote Woods. "RIP #AfeniShakur 'There’s no way I could pay you back but my plan is to show you that I understand, you are appreciated.' #2PAC."

Author Terry McMillan shared her condolences to the Shakur family with this tweet:

Rapper Treach, ex husband of Pepa and very close friend to Tupac also shared his condolences on Instagram with a simple message of "Rip Afenishakur" next to praying hand emojis.

Though the condolence was short and sweet, Treach has always been very open about his love and friendship for the "Dear Mama" rapper since they were roadies on tour with Queen Latifah and Digital Underground, according to MTV.

The death of Tupac's mother, that came just days before Mother's Day 2016, and just days after wrapping production for the upcoming biopic All Eyez On Me, truly adds new meaning to the lyrics of the song "Dear Mama." Rest in peace Afeni Shakur.