Radiohead have stirred their fans into a friendly with some new music and the possibility of a new album very soon. The band are about to make their fan's dreams a reality having announced today that they will release their ninth LP this Sunday May 8 at 7 p.m. BST. To go along with announcement on their website, Radiohead have also released a new song "Daydreaming" that is accompanied by a rather odd video.

The song is soothing and dreamy as Thom Yorke softly coos over an elegant instrumental with strings, piano and bells that echoes some of their more orchestral arrangements.

The video features the singer on quite the walk as he manages to travel vast distances all in one video. He walks through doors in hospitals, houses, parking garages and elsewhere that take him into a building and then lead him into a totally different setting. People seem totally unperturbed by Thom Yorke just magically showing up to their house looking like he is ready for a A$AP Rocky concert. The video ends with him climbing some very snowy mountain and crawling into a small cave. Once in the cave, he lies down next to a small fire. The final scene ends with him staring deep into your soul in a way you may never forget. If you sinned last night for Cinco de Mayo, Thom Yorke now knows.

There aren't many artists who can totally ignore the regular schedule for releases on Fridays that has been agreed to by the various country music organizations. Beyoncé is one of them as she can make the rules and redefine how music is promoted and Radiohead is another with their very important discography. The Sunday album release will be religious for their rabid fan base.

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