June 20, 2018 / 3:54 AM

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Usher's Stalker Arrested Again for Restraining Order Violation



Usher (Raymond)'s persistant stalker, Darshelle Jones, just won't give up the chase and has been arrested yet again for violating the terms of a restraining order that reportedly prohibits her from coming anywhere within 200 yards of the singer.

According to a TMZ report, Jones was found outside of an Atlanta recording studio attempting to film the Raymond VS Raymond singer while he was in the middle of a recording session. Though she placed herself across the street from the studio, which was reportedly 100 feet away, she still wasn't far enough away. According to the report, the restraining order requires Jones to remain at least 200 yards away from Usher and she was a little over 30 yards too close.

This is not the first run-in she's had with the law over her obsession with the now 38-year-old R&B singer. According to Straight From The A, Jones has been on a mission to get as close as possible to Raymond since as far back as 2012. According to the site, Jones was claiming to be married to Usher and was willing to prove it by providing bank statements that revealed money transfers made to her account by the singer. She posted a video to YouTube suggesting that it would not be wise for Raymond to pursue legal action but, that didn't stop him from doing so.

At the time, Usher filed legal documents in June of 2012 alleging that Jones showed up to his Atlanta home with the intent to harass he and his family. He filed a temporary restraining order against her but that didn't stop her. She reportedly harassed him again in 2014 and in 2015, despite being arrested for violating the prior restraining orders according to a May 2015 StraightfromtheA report.

Usher has repeatedly referred to Jones as delusional as she consistently hounded him for money.

"I drove to Chicago and I want him to Western Union me some money or either give me something to get to work and I'm not playing with him," stated Jones in a 2015 message sent to Usher's attorney as reported by the site."I'm tired of the games. If I can't eat, he can't eat."

Her latest attempt has placed her back in police custody but probably not for long. Maybe Jones has fallen victim to listening to too many Usher songs, and decided that "U Got It Bad" would be her theme song and "Can U Help Me" would become Usher's.

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