The indie rock community was shocked to learn last week that Kim Gordon of revered post-rock icons Sonic Youth was reportedly bitten by a coyote in the parking lot of a Silver Lake, Los Angeles 365 By Whole Foods Market grocery store. Alas, the information turned out to be completely false.

In a news story akin to the parodical headlines ripped from satire publication The Onion, keyboard warriors worldwide were rife with speculation on Saturday as to Ms. Gordon's supposed condition. 

It all started when Instagram user @wholefoodssilverlake, now revealed as a spoof account, posted the following diatribe describing Gordon's supposed parking lot run-in with the canid:

"We at 365 silverlake would like to formally apologize @kimletgordon local silverlake resident and former bass player of Sonic Youth who was bit by a coyote in our parking lot this afternoon. Kim, we are taking this situation very seriously and are contracting a team to take care of the recent coyote problem. We wish you a speedy recovery and hope you return to shop with us again soon. 365 shoppers, if you see any coyotes wandering in or around the store please inform one of our team members immediately. Thank you."

Taking to her official Twitter account later that evening, Gordon replied to a fan's concerned comment inquiring if the animal attack was true, her response being a simple "no."

Whole Foods Market's corporate headquarters later confirmed that the originating story was posted by a fake social media account purporting to represent the company. They replied to Gordon's denial tweet with, "Sorry about the frustration Kim! We are working hard to get this fake account removed."

After three genre-defining decades in music, Sonic Youth disbanded in 2011 when founding guitarist and longtime husband of Gordon, Thurston Moore, was found to be cheating on her with book editor Eva Prinz. Gordon and Moore were married in 1984 and have one child together, Coco Hayley Gordon Moore, now 21. The affair ended their marriage and the band.

Below, peep the opening track from Sonic Youth's 1995 album, Washing Machine, featuring Gordon's trademark post-punk vocal stylings and inconspicuous bass guitar work.