Shortly after the immense success of their last comeback with a full album titled EX'ACT, K-pop supergroup EXO has returned to promote their 3rd repackaged album titled Lotto, with a lead track by the same name. Added to that, SM Entertainment has just released the music video for the tune, with two versions, the Korean version and the Chinese version, following the release of the new tracks the night before.

From the music video teasers that were previously released, the full video features a setting similar to one of their previous title tracks, "Monster," only this time, the group is shown as being more badass, rolling in the dough, from playing with poker chips, watching cockfights, sitting around flashy cars and setting piles of cash on fire, ending in a scene that seems to be connected to their previous title song. It is certainly a different sound for the group and a step away from their usual style, which proved to be rather refreshing. Needless to say, "Lotto" is catchy, with slices of hip-hop and trap beats coupled with the impressive choreography to showcase the group's best dancers.

The repackaged album not only includes the catchy title track, it also has 2 more songs, "She's Dreaming" -- written by one of the group's members, Chen, "Can't Bring Me Down," and an LDN remix of their previous song, "Monster," in both the Korean and Chinese versions.

This isn't the first time the members have tried their hand in writing songs for the group either. Member Chanyeol wrote the song "Heaven," which is included in the previous album.

The group's popularity has skyrocketed to new heights since their chart-topping hit song, "Growl," back in 2013, a year after their debut. EXO has since set records in terms of album sales and music chart placements on the Korean music shows and platforms as well as the international ones, setting another record of being a triple million seller upon the repackaged album's release.

EXO celebrated the group's 4th anniversary last April and will now start promotions on KBS Music Bank on the 19th of August. The group previously kicked off the start of their 3rd concert tour, titled EXO'rdium, with a 6-day concert in Seoul, South Korea last July 23rd. The group will resume the tour on the 13th of September with a 2-day concert stop in Hiroshima, Japan.

Check out the two versions of "Lotto" below: