May 24, 2018 / 7:45 AM

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After Daft Punk, 5 Other Artists We Want On The Weeknd's Album 'Starboy'



The Weeknd released his collaboration with Daft Punk, "Starboy" earlier today and got fans very excited for what is to come on his upcoming album. The follow up to his 2015 LP Beauty Behind The Madness, Starboy will be released on Nov. 25, but there is still a lot we still have to learn about the LP. He was able to lure out two of the most elusive producers in the world for the project, so it appears as though the sky is the limit for him. Here are five other artists we would love to see The Weeknd work with on the album.

1. Max Martin:

It may be dangerous to try and rehash old success and create something bigger than "Can't Feel My Face," but if there is anybody who knows how to keep the hits coming it is Max Martin. "Can't Feel My Face" was our favorite track of 2015 and if they could create a follow-up, radios and playlists would be set on fire all winter.

2. Drake:

Drake has been absolutely dominant in 2016, topping the charts with Views and its singles seemingly all year. The Weekend did the same thing last year. They have teamed in the past on "Crew Love" and "Live For," but it is time for these two Canadians to deliver something that deserving of their current star power to the world.

3. Nile Rogers:

This probably wouldn't be a standalone collaboration, but working with Daft Punk got us thinking - why not the man who helped make the robots' biggest hit? The Weeknd has shown he can head into the pop space and Rogers can put together some of the best guitar licks in the world. They could create some funky, sultry magic.

4. Cashmere Cat:

Not all of this album will be hits geared for the radio - there have to be some sexy jams that The Weeknd is known for. Cashmere Cat is your guy if you want some diverse production in that sound. They just out a record titled "Wild Love" for Cashmere Cat's upcoming album and the Norwegian producer should return the favor on this album.

5. Kanye West:

This is another obvious one, but Yeezy linked up with The Weeknd earlier this year on The Life of Pablo track "FML" and it time they put out something for Starboy. West could work as both a producer and a vocalist on the track and has the vision to create something different that would stand out long-term on the album.

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