A Reddit find has lead to rumors of an impending Daft Punk tour. Whispers are circulating that the duo are planning to tour together once again, and the industry holds it’s breath to see if it is legitimate. Their last tour was in 2007, although they played a single show in Baltimore in 2008 and performed at the Grammys in 2014.

NME reports that a Reddit user found a page of Lollapalooza’s festival website that is exclusively devoted to Daft Punk. The page was constructed this past February, which many believe means that the duo is scheduled to perform at the festival next year.

While one can remain skeptical of the rumors, they do tend to play live about every 10 years, with previous tours that occurred in 1997 and 2007. The past two months, gossip has circulated that they will be headlining Glastonbury, a full 20 years after their only performance at the festival.

The duo performed in the dance tent in 1997, as well as playing at Wireless, Rockness, and Oxegen festivals during their time in the UK and Ireland back in 2007.

There are many acts that are rumored to be performing at Glastonbury, including Ed Sheeran, Radiohead, The Stone Roses and Lady Gaga.

A spokesman for the group has refused to comment on the rumors.

If the Reddit thread wasn’t enough shaky proof, a line-up listing Daft Punk as headliners reportedly leaked for the Chile portion of Lollapalooza. There has been no official information released as to whether they will perform new music at the festival. Daft Punk’s last album, Randon Access Memories, was in 2013 and they were also featured on The Weeknd’s latest single “Starboy.”