May 22, 2018 / 3:56 AM

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Pavel Dovgal Teases Upcoming Album 'The Aura' With Stunning Visual Trailer [Premiere]



Russian-born electronic musician Pavel Dovgal is gearing to release his new album The Aura later next month. The moving, emotional and eclectic piece of work comes with some interesting features like Starving Yet Full (ex vocalist for Azari III), LA rapper, BLU and more. We are proud to present the stunning album teaser that includes three songs from the album and shows off some black and white images of New York City.

The trailer includes three songs, "Euphoria," "Waiting For The Sun" and "Inspiration / Inner Beauty," all of which seamlessly flow together, despite not being in sequential order on the LP.

"The video is the main trailer for my third album The Aura and it's similar to a video-sampler," says Dovgal in a statement to Music Times. "It includes shots from the travels that inspired the album and tells the story of a young girl expressing her feelings through dance in this small world."

Dovgal's travels throughout Asia and the globe heavily influenced the album. "Pieced together from sounds and samples from all over the globe, the album's aim is to charge listeners with harmony and a feeling of connectedness to the world," says Dovgal." See what he sees in the trailer is the first step on that journey.

The Aura will be released next month on Nov. 25 via Project Mooncircle. Fans can pre-order it now here.

The Aura Tracklist:
01 Floating Beams
02 The Aura Feat. Blu
03 Nibiru
04 Inspiration / Inner Beauty
05 Euphoria Feat. Starving Yet Full
06 Waiting For The Sun
07 Quency Feat. Mujuice
08 The Soul Of Mbira
09 Changes feat. Graciela Maria
10 Vhs
11 The Highest
12 Euphoria (Bonus- Instrumental)
13 The Aura (Bonus- Instrumental)

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