July 20, 2018 / 4:07 PM

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YouTube's Geocoded Streaming Data Shows Different US State Favorite Artists



A YouTube survey was conducted to show who and what song is popularly streamed and listened to by the current generation. It cannot be denied that social media and the internet can readily provide what people need in just one click.

And for the music industry, the most live streamed and those that are usually 'free' to download can be a gauge of their popularity, this is how YouTube came up with its geocoded streaming data in comparison to the map of USA. During the period of January 2016 and April 2017, YouTube has provided the Top 50 music videos from the Billboard Top 100 songs as how often they were listened to on each state.

The results have been revealed and The Chainsmokers got the most watched and listened to by the Northeastern college towns. These places include New York City, Boston, Newport, Hanover, Philadelphia and the rest who seemed to prefer the upbeat tune of the hit makers responsible for "Closer" and "Something Just Like This." Based on a report from Billboard, under the category of Dance music, the heat maps by YouTube represented a darker purple hue for these places thus the songs of The Chainsmokers became very influential for the younger people of these towns.

Also, Calvin Harris' songs dominate the West listeners marking a darker purple portion on the maps. These maps which have been revealed by the New York Times were released just this week on YouTube in order to "map the contours of music fandom and culture in the United States." Another report stated how the dark part of the map would portray and how the majority listens to the specific artist while other lighter parts have a variety of choices.

Other artists included in the Top 50 were Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and even rock bands such as Metallica and Imagine Dragons. Even K-pop artists like BTS have a considerable amount of fans in Hawaii and California up to northern Wisconsin. These are just interesting facts that YouTube extends to its viewers other than the custom playlist that some sites are already providing for those who are interested to browse these maps with music.

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