January 20, 2019 / 11:14 AM

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How Did Ed Sheeran Form The Chorus Of 'Shape Of You'? With Legos



Ed Sheeran enjoyed a suitcase full of Lego and had a "moment" to write '"Shape Of You" chorus.

Sheeran's song "Shape Of You" reigns as Spotify's most streamed song of 2017 and of all time which belongs to the number one spot on the U.S. Billboard for 12 weeks. The song is also co-written by Steve Mac and Johnny McDaid.

The songwriting takes place in a hotel room in a focused session between the producer, Mac, and fellow songwriters, McDaid and Sheeran himself. During the said session, Mac notices the singer's impatience that leads to the hit's guitar-based backbeat sound.

McDaid, who writes for Sheeran reveals the singer's short-attention span. He then reveals an odd yet effective routine to get Sheeran to focus.

"His attention span can be fairly low. One of the things I did to keep him in the room while I'd be working on a track, I would have like a suitcase full of Lego I'd pull into the hotel room. I'd say, 'There you go, you build that,' and it was great 'cause he'd sit and build the Lego, and kind of get lost in that world for a second, and then come back and come up with this moment that was everything," McDaid said about his routine with the hit singer.

The "moment" he is referring to led to Sheeran's composing the chorus of his most streamed song to date. It is believed that during the session, the hit singer had some flashback of his memory during his elementary years with some of his ADD diagnosed childhood friends.

Turns out, "Shape Of You" is one of Sheeran's biggest hit this year. Thanks to a suitcase full of Lego and some guitar-whacking tricks. The song is deemed completed just after 90 minutes.

"It was the best hour-and-a-half of my life," expressed Mac who is elated and fulfilled with how the recording session turns out.

With this in mind, fans believe that this session with Sheeran leads him to creatively craft his songs. Perhaps, it is also the secret on how he came up with his 2011 song, "Lego House," that put him to music charts from there on.

Sheeran takes pride in this routine which led him to showcase his music to the world. In fact, the hit singer also has a Lego tattooed on his arm to serve as a significance or a symbol of how he crafts his own melody. 

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