May 24, 2018 / 9:28 PM

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Troye Sivan Performs 'My My My!' On ‘Saturday Night Live,' Plus New Single ‘The Good Side’



Troye Sivan recently performed one of his newest singles "My My My!" on Saturday Night Live. Before the show ended, Sivan once again took the stage and sang "The Good Side."

Sivan dropped "My My My!" earlier this month, and his performance in Saturday Night Live was quite similar to the one in the music video. The 22-year-old Australian singer showed off his dance moves during the Jan. 20 episode of the hit NBC sketch show. "My My My!" is more upbeat than "The Good Side," the song that Sivan released just a few days ago.

The openly gay singer was accompanied by his band during his second performance. "The Good Side" has an acoustic feel to it, and it is also more relaxing than "My My My!." Both songs are part of Sivan's upcoming album under Capitol Records. Details about the album are still being kept under wraps, but it is expected to be released this coming spring.

Troye Sivan Comes Out As Gay

Sivan first started in the industry as an actor. He played the role of young Wolverine in X-Men: Origins when he was just 13 years old. Throughout his teen years, the singer used YouTube to share his music with his fans. He also used the same platform three years ago when he came out as gay.

"I used to go on YouTube and search 'coming out.' That was something I did on almost a daily basis for a long time. After I came out to my family, I feel like I owed so much to that community and what I think is a sacred part of YouTube. I also happened to have a big audience at that time..." said Sivan.

Before coming out to his fans, Sivan has already spoken to his family and friends about his sexual preference, and they were all supportive. He waited for an entire year to come out to his fans for fear that he might lose them.

"I'd been so comfortable with myself that the thoughts of strangers didn't bother me at all, but I was nervous from a career point of view. I was well aware of the fact that most of my fans were girls, and I thought I might lose them," said Sivan.

Sivan did not lose his fans. He was also able to inspire other people to come out. The singer said that more supporters started looking up to him because of his honesty.

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