May 21, 2018 / 1:20 AM

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More Women Come Forward Accusing Nelly Of Sexual Assault


Back in October, a fan accused Nelly of raping her aboard his tour bus. Now, two more women have come forward with their stories.

Karen K. Koehler, the attorney of original complainant Monique Greene, was approached by the women, both of whom accuse Nelly of sexual assault while he was on tour in the UK.

Court papers filed this week accuse Nelly, whose real name is Cornell Haynes Jr., of inappropriate sexual behavior with the two fans. In an amended complaint, Greene also details how her night with the rapper and his entourage turned into a nightmare. Greene is requesting an injunction against "Nelly (and his penis) that prohibits him from engaging in sexual assault against female fans."

More Women Come Forward

Koehler reckons more accusers could come forward soon. She has been contacted by at least two more women accusing the rapper of assault. In some cases, the allegations date all the way back to the early stages of Nelly's career.

The detailed document describes incidents in 2016 and 2017, where the two fans, referred to as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 to protect their identities, were allegedly assaulted by the rapper.

The award-winning rapper preyed on his fans, treating VIP events and post-concert photo-ops as his own personal hookup service. The complaint details how Nelly would pick women in the audiences/venues of his shows, invite them and their friends to an after-party, or some other post-gig event via a member of his entourage, and then quickly separate the chosen lady from her friends.

The suit paints a disturbing picture of a man who believed that he was entitled to sex and that, by exposing himself or masturbating in front of these women, they would be more inclined to give in to his demands. Nelly believed they "were drawn to and could not resist his penis," according to the complaint. He may even have been more attracted to those who resisted his advances.

Jane Doe 1, a married mother in the U.S. military, detailed how she and a girlfriend spent a couple hours with Nelly in a VIP area before being invited to an after-party with him. Once there, Nelly allegedly sat down on a table, set his gaze on Jane Doe 1 and said, "Let me see it."

Nelly knew she was married with a family, but that didn't deter him, the complaint alleges. After rubbing her leg and putting his hand up her dress without her consent, the rapper allegedly blocked Jane Doe 1 from leaving the room twice before security finally arrived and she and her friend were able to make their exit.

Jane Doe 2 accuses Nelly of masturbating in front of her in his dressing room. The rapper allegedly pulled his pants down, began masturbating in front of her and then told her, "You want this dick, don't you." He bragged about how many women wanted him, before putting his hands down her top and trying to pull it off. He then told her he wanted to ejaculate on her, putting her hand on his member. The rapper got angry when she continued to refuse, telling Jane Doe 2 he's "not used to not getting my way."

The rapper forced her head down and put his erect penis into her mouth, leading Jane Doe 2 to fall backwards before hurrying out of the room. Nelly allegedly yelled after her, "C**t!" He followed her and allegedly warned her "I will find you," according to the lawsuit.

Greene had a similar story of being sexually assaulted by the rapper while on his tour bus. She alleges that Nelly penetrated her without a condom. He even offered her money to stay with him for the weekend. He tossed a $100 bill at her as she left.

Nelly tweeted at that time that he was "beyond shocked" to have been targeted with a false accusation. The rapper even told TMZ, via his attorney, that Greene was after "money, fame and notoriety." Greene was subsequently targeted online by Nelly's fans who believed she was trying to destroy his reputation.

She dropped the charges, believing that law enforcement would not be able to protect her. Nelly released a press release, painting himself as the victim and referring to the various women's causes he supports as proof of his innocence.

Greene's updated lawsuit describes Nelly's statements at the time as "constituted intimidation of a witness." Koehler also reportedly sent a letter to prosecutors, describing Nelly's response at the time as "morally reprehensible" and "criminal."

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