June 18, 2018 / 11:08 PM

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From $1 Million To $100: Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs Drake's 'God's Plan' Music Video



Jimmy Kimmel recently spoofed Drake's "God's Plan" music video. The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! asked Guillermo Rodriguez to help him out in the hilarious clip.

The almost four-minute video opens with Kimmel talking about Drake's popular song and music video. He said that a lot of people were inspired to follow in the rapper's footsteps of donating almost $1 million to those in need.

However, Rodriguez only managed to donate a small amount of money, and Kimmel said that it is not the amount that matters, but it is the thought that counts the most.

After his brief spiel, the "God's Plan" music video parody opens with the statement that says the budget for the project is only $100. Rodriguez said that he gave almost all of it away, and the audiences at the studio could not help but laugh.

'God's Plan' Music Video Spoof

Rodriguez enters the 99 cents store, while Drake sings the lines to his song. He talks on the megaphone and tells the people at the store that he will buy each of them something as long as it only costs 99 cents. He clarifies that no one can get a pineapple because it costs $1.99.

Some of the people at the store are unimpressed, and they also did not accept Rodriguez's sweet gesture. However, there are also a slew of customers who were ecstatic to receive $1 from Kimmel's sidekick.

The camera flashes to all the items that may be purchased at 99 cents. Rodriguez sees a woman buying pineapples, and he reminds her that the fruit is not included because he can only afford to give her $1.

An elderly man buying a loaf of bread receives $1 from Rodriguez. Even though he appears to be confused at the gesture, he accepts the cash with a smile on his face.

Toward the end of the music video, Rodriguez reveals that he has given away over $96. He signs the whiteboard at the store and gives it to a woman.

Drake's Recent Success

Drake's music video for "God's Plan" was released last week, and it has already garnered over 47 million views on YouTube. The video was directed by Karena Evans and produced by Director X.

The over five-minute clip was mostly recorded at the grocery store. Drake also tells the customers that he will pay for everything that they wish to buy in the video. Drake's "God's Plan" was released in January. The song is included in the rapper's album Scary Hours.

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