June 20, 2018 / 9:08 AM

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'Love Is Dead’: Chvrches Offers Sneak Peek At New Album Tracklist



Chvrches drops the official title of its upcoming album. Love Is Dead will be released sometime this year.

During a recent interview, Lauren Mayberry, the lead singer of the group, also said that the album will include the songs "Get Out," "My Enemy," "Deliverance," "Never Say Die," and "Wonderland." Love Is Dead will follow Chvrches' 2015 album Every Open Eye.

"My Enemy" features the National's Matt Berninger, and the track was leaked days ago. The song was briefly available on Deezer, a music streaming platform. However, it was also removed hours later. Berninger is also featured in the official music video for "Get Out."

Who Is Chvrches?

Chvrches is a Scottish synth-pop band from Glasgow that was formed in September 2011. The group consists of Mayberry, Iain Cook, and Martin Doherty. Two years after the band was formed, the trio released their EP Recover. The compilation features the songs "The Mother We Share" and "Recover."

Its debut album The Bones of What You Believe was released seven months after the band's inception. In 2015, they released Every Open Eye on Sept. 25, 2015. Some of Chvrches' most famous songs include "Clearest Blue," "Leave A Trace," "Bury It," "Empty Threat," "Never Ending Circles," "Warning Call," "Gun," "We Sink," "Lies," "Under the Tide," and more.

Lauren Mayberry Opens Up About Trolls

Two years ago, the trio sat down for an interview where Mayberry talked about the vicious abuse she has faced after "Leave A Trace" was released.

"We probably get more trolls now because people think we painted a target on our backs. But I can hand-on-heart tell you that people said as much misogynist crap when I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and 95 denier tights as they do when I am in a video wearing a dress," said Mayberry.

The lead singer and instrumentalist said that the trolls sent her abusive and offensive messages to scare and intimidate her.

"If you don't like the record, cool. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But there is a difference between criticizing the work and discussing someone's tit size or whether they give oral sex. There is a line, I think," explained Mayberry.

Is Chvrches An Emo Band?

In the same year, Mayberry also opened up about Chvrches' authenticity and said that someone once told her that they are an emo band. However, no one has noticed it yet.

"I would rather write something that's authentic to me than something that'll be likely to get played on the radio but doesn't have any substance to it," said the singer.

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