ALMA is reuniting with MØ for her new mixtape, Heavy Rules. The six-track record also featured Trove Stryke and Kiiara.

People would probably recognize the 22-year-old from BBC Radio 1 where she teamed up with MØ, Charli XCX, Zara Larsson, and Dua Lipa for a performance of "IDGAF." She also contributed to Charli XCX's mixtape Pop 2 which was released last year.

This year, she is releasing her own music.

In Her Own Right

On March 2, Friday, ALMA dropped the six-track mixtape which is now available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. It also went up for sale on iTunes this weekend.

The mixtape features the song "Dance For Me," her collaboration with Danish singer-songwriter . The track "Good Vibes," meanwhile, is her duet with Swedish artist Styrke. ALMA's song with Kiiara is titled "Chit Chat" which closes the phenomenal pop album.

Other songs in the mixtape are her solo singles "Legend," "Back2u," and "Fake Gucci."

"I feel so blessed and grateful that for the last two years I've been able to travel around the world playing music with and for my favorite people," she explained in a press release. "It felt wrong to me to be writing/touring so much and not sharing more music with everyone which I why I really wanted to put together this collection of songs, my first mixtape. The 'Heavy Rules' mixtape is super important to me, it's the most real I've ever been lyrically, melodically and more."

Last week, ALMA also announced that she will be performing in a series of concerts in North America and Europe. She will kick off the tour in Chicago on April 23. She will perform in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Glasgow, Manchester, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Hamburg, and Berlin.

 In an interview with BBC, ALMA revealed that fans have inexplicably started a tradition of throwing underwear onstage while she is performing live.

"Is that a UK thing? Like a rock and roll thing?" she asked the publication. "Well, there's a couple of fans who do that in the UK. They always throw bras on our stage."

ALMA first rose to fame in 2016 when she released her first EP Dye My Hair. She then released two hit singles "Chasing Highs," which received praises from Sir Elton John, and her song with French Montana, "Phases," last year.

ALMA also made it to the finals of Finland's version of The X Factor.

Tickets for her performances in North America and Europe are now on sale.


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