SM Entertainment has released the pastel-colored music video for "Touch," a track by a new Korean boy band NCT 127. It is their first single for 2018.

The music video was published on YouTube on Tuesday, March 13. As of this writing, it has already surpassed 1 million views.

"Touch" sounds notably different from the group's previous releases. "Cherry Bomb" and "Limitless," both of which were released in 2017, leaned toward a more head-bopping hip-hop.

Meanwhile, the new track is a lot more bright and playful, putting the boy band's saccharine-sweet vocals and charming faces at the forefront.

The music video also offers a look at the preppy side to the nine-member group. Amid the color-blocked set, the boys play tug-of-war, sing in front of mirrors, and jump on a pile of white feathers. It's a perfect gift for fans on White Day, a holiday in South Korea wherein men express their love and admiration, a response to Valentine's Day.

Albeit fairly new, NCT 127 has already started dominating songs and albums charts in South Korea and across the world. Their newest release, Limitless: The 2nd Mini Album, peaked at the number 1 spot of Billboard's World Albums chart in January 2017.

Both NCT #127 Cherry Bomb: The Third Mini Album and NCT #127: The First Mini Album made it to the second spot of the charts in 2016 and last year.


NCT Group Album

"Touch" will likely be included in the anticipated group album NCT2018 Empathy. The record will also feature songs from the boy band's other, younger counterparts: NCT Dream and NCT U. Both groups have already released new tracks this year: "Go," a feisty new track from NCT Dream, and "Baby Don't Stop," a sexy new track from NCT U.

NCT 127 is the latest boy band under SM Entertainment, the same management company behind popular K-pop groups Super Junior, Shinee, EXO, Red Velvet, and f(x). NCT 127 is considered the main group with a set lineup of nine members.

Meanwhile, NCT Dream is the group where all the under-aged talents of the NCT umbrella team up. NCT U swaps any NCT members in and out. Both NCT Dream and NCT U are rotational units.

Billboard reports that SM Entertainment is planning to launch more NCT groups in the near future to cover different markets and musical styles.

NCT2018 Empathy is scheduled to be released on March 14.

So far, there are 18 members under NCT. Check out their 2018 yearbook below.