Beyonce will return to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival for one more performance. However, there is a significant twist.

No Live Streaming Allowed

Members of the Beyhive will be extremely disappointed to learn that they will not be able to see the "Crazy in Love" singer's second performance at the iconic music festival online. Billboard revealed that YouTube would not broadcast the second weekend of the Indio, California-based music festival. It has been a tradition for the video-sharing social media website not to air the second weekend since they started live streaming the festival in 2010.

A Whole New Set

Variety caught up with one of Beyonce's dancers who also revealed another significant change to this weekend's performance. Jo'Artis Mijo Ratti, who also danced with Beyonce's fellow Destiny's Child alum Kelly Rowland and Madonna, stated that the second weekend's Coachella set would be very different. Also, the dancer commented how hard "Best Thing I Never Had" singer worked during rehearsals that inspired everyone to step up their game.

The First Weekend

News of changes to Beyonce's latest Coachella set follows a spectacular internet breaking debut performance at the California concert festival. The singer-actress became the first black woman to headline Coachella and showcased an outstanding show that featured a brief reunion with longtime friends Rowland and Michelle Williams. The group performed several of Destiny's Child's biggest hits including "Lose My Breath," "Say My Name," and "Soldier."

Also, Beyonce surprised the crowd with several performances with her family members. Beyonce's husband, rap mogul Jay-Z, performed "Déjà vu" and her sister, Solange, joined her on stage during the performance.

Preparing For Coachella

Beyonce and her team made sure that they were ready to blow concertgoers away with their performances. It was rumored that Beyonce and her team hired over 100 dancers for the music festival. The singer and her crew wanted to make sure that they made an impact on the Coachella audience through lengthy rehearsals.

It was reported that Beyonce and her dancers rehearsed for 11 hours. Also, seven security guards allegedly roamed the high-profile Los Angeles dance studio to make sure that Beyonce, her dancers, and choreographers were not disturbed.

Revisiting Who Bit Beyonce?

While Beyonce was rehearsing for Coachella, it was reported that actress Sanaa Lathan was the person that bit the singer. Reports indicated that Lathan playfully bit the "Sweet Dreams" singer's chin, which caused Beyonce and Jay-Z to exit a significant party temporarily. Tiffany Haddish revealed last month that she saw someone bit Beyonce and once she told the story, the internet was searching for the famous culprit.