A few weeks after guesting on Rita Ora's "Girls," Charli XCX released her new track "5 in the Morning" with The Invisible Men.

The 25-year-old artist released her first solo new music in a while on Thursday, May 31. It is now available for streaming via Spotify and Apple Music.

Chali XCX '5 In The Morning'

The catchy, angsty track first debuted as part of Taylor Swift's Reputation stadium tour. The English singer-songwriter, along with Camila Cabello, is currently touring North America and Europe to open for the Grammy-winning pop star.

"Pull up and stunt with your clique/ Glacier all up on your wrist/ Think you're the sickest like you got diseases/ But you ain't got nothing on this," she sang. "I can see you talk, got a big mouth/ Won't you stick around for the come down?/ 24/7, I'm 365/ Wait for me heaven, I'm here 'til I die."

This is not her first time that Charli XCX worked with the Grammy-nominated songwriting and music production trio The Invisible Men. The hitmakers were also involved in 2014's "Fancy," a song performed by Iggy Azalea that featured the dance-pop vocalist.

On a tweet, the "Boom Clap" singer also teased that more new music is coming in the next couple of months.

Charli XCX has not announced whether her third studio album is on the works. her most recent release was Pop 2, a mixtape that came out in 2017.

Stream "5 in the Morning" below.


Charli XCX Responds To 'Girls' Criticism

"5 in the Morning" comes a few weeks after she contributed vocals in Ora's "Girls," a bisexual anthem. The track, albeit catchy, received criticism from the LGBTQ+ community, particularly from singer Hayley Kiyoko who slammed the track for its portrayal of queer relationships.

Ora and Cardi B have issued their statements and apologized for unintentionally offending fans.

In an interview with The Rolling Stone, Charli XCX weighed in on the issue.

"I think the conversation and dialogue around this song is really important," she admitted. "I try so hard to be as involved with the LGBTQ community as possible. Without that community, my career would not really be anything."

She also said that she had read statements from fellow artists who slammed the track for its problematic lyrics.

"I know from when Rita invited me to be a part of the song, this song was about a specific experience that she had with a woman," she echoed Ora's previous statement. Charli XCX who collaborated with the Fifty Shades Freed actress in the past revealed that she knew that Ora was bisexual.