May 19, 2019 / 3:27 AM

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Andrew Garfield Dedicates Tony Win To Those Who Just Want Their Cake Baked



Andrew Garfield is celebrating another milestone in his career. The stage actor brought home a Tony Awards on Sunday, June 10.

In his acceptance speech, Garfield dedicated his big win to the LGBTQ community. The actor portrayed the role of a gay man with AIDS named Prior Walter in Angels in America. The eight-hour revival centers on AIDS and homosexuality in the 1980s.

Garfield started his speech by expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to give life to the character of Walter. He also said that Walter represents the purest spirit of humanity, especially that of the LGBTQ community. Walter's spirit says no to oppression, bigotry, shame, and exclusion. Garfield also said that Walter is a reminder to everyone that they are all made perfectly.

Andrew Garfield Mentions Supreme Court Ruling

Also, in his speech, The Amazing Spider-Man actor also indirectly mentioned the recent Supreme Court ruling that sided with a baker from Colorado that refused to make a cake for a gay couple on religious grounds.

"We all belong, so let's just bake a cake for everyone who wants a cake to be baked! We all belong. So I dedicate this award to the countless LGBTQ people who have fought and died to protect that spirit, to protect that message for the right to live and love as we are created to," said Garfield.

Robert De Niro Insults Donald Trump On TV

Garfield is not the only actor that made headlines following last weekend's Tony Awards. Robert De Niro also went viral following his comments about President Donald Trump. The actor was about to introduce a performance by Bruce Springsteen when he dropped the f-word and called out Trump.

U.S. television bleeped his statement, but Australia censored in Australia. Those present at the awards show gave De Niro a standing ovation, and they also cheered for him. However, the actor was also criticized on social media for his unprofessionalism.

"No matter who the president is or what your politics, this behavior is not merely inappropriate for this (or any) event; it's juvenile & stupid, even deranged. And yet it was met with a standing ovation. These snobs think this is somehow courageous," wrote Mark Tapson.

One Trump supporter said that De Niro just cheapened and embarrassed himself. His move on live television was also dubbed as vulgar. As of late, De Niro has not yet released a statement regarding the incident.

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