Diplo reignites his feud with Zedd following an encounter with DJ Max Vangeli. The latter accuses Diplo of ignoring him during his concert in Hong Kong.

Vangeli has slammed Diplo on social media and cursed at him. Zedd commented on Vangeli's post and said that what he said is 100 percent the truth. After reading both tweets, Diplo immediately penned a public apology addressed to Vangeli via his Twitter account.

Diplo Apologizes To DJ Max Vangeli

However, one publication noted that Diplo's apology seemed to include a diss directed at his fellow DJ. Diplo also uploaded a screenshot of his social media account where he revealed that Zedd has blocked him from the platform.

In his caption, Diplo urged Zedd to delete his Twitter account within 24 hours. If not, he said that he will go full Pusha T mode on him. Diplo was, of course, referring to Pusha T's three-minute diss track "The Story of Adidon."

"The Story of Adidon" was all about Pusha T throwing shots at Drake, including his personal life, as well as accusations that he has a secret child. As of late, Zedd has not deleted his Twitter account, and Diplo has not gone full Pusha T mode on him. 

Diplo, Zedd's 3-Year Feud

At the time, Diplo reviewed Zedd's debut LP, True Colors, negatively. A year later, Zedd released "The Candy Man" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as part of his partnership with  M&M.

Diplo once again commented negatively about the track, and Zedd fired back at him and called him a b****.

DJs React To Ongoing Beef

Some DJs reacted to Diplo and Zedd's recent social media rift. Laidback Luke said that there is so much EDM beef going on that he wants to become an EDM vegetarian for the time being.

Kill the Noise encouraged his Twitter followers to not Google p**** d***, the word that Vangeli used a couple of times in his tweet.

3LAU also threw shade at Vangeli after the latter had posted their personal conversations on his Twitter account. However, 3LAU noted that Vangeli was not very transparent about their whole conversation.

"Dude I texted you five seconds ago that I'm a fan of your music. You texted me ab a collab the day my album came out. I'm sorry I never replied (I just saw it now) or even remember it. No reason to blast me on Twitter when we were just talking personally," wrote 3LAU.