March 18, 2019 / 8:29 PM

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Turk Details Rap-A-Lot Records Deal, Says Hot Boys Reunion Isn't Happening



Some things we can only dream about and a Hot Boys reunion is one of them. 

According to HipHopDX, former Cash Money rapper Turk says he's come to terms with his feeling the need to move past a possible Hot Boys reunion after a stint in jail. 

"We all had the Cash Money reunion minus B.G. because he's incarcerated. It was talks," Turk said of the possibility of an official deal with the label. "Me and Baby was talking on the phone a few times. I came out here to Miami. He was busy. It never worked out. It always was, 'I'mma do this. We gon' do this. This what gon' happen.' But it never did. So, me being the man that I am-I have twins, a boy and a girl, I have a wife and a family-I can't sit back and wait on no man to sell me no dream. 33 years old, I gotta stand on my own. I don't blame anybody. It's a part of growing up, being a man. My hat goes off to Baby, Slim, Wayne, everybody, but I moved on. I got my own situation now. Not saying I wouldn't wanna do nothing with them because I wanna do anything with anybody. But, my main focus is my label, YNT Empire." 

As far as his venture with J. Prince and Rap-A-Lot records, Turk said J. Prince is "a solid guy," who looked out for him when no one else did. 

"He didn't sign me when I first came home out of respect for Cash Money, to see what I was going to do with Baby and Slim. J. Prince a solid guy," Turk said. 

During the interview, Turk also explained his deal with Rap-A-Lot. 

"J. Prince told me he didn't wanna sign me as an artist, he wanted to do a partnership deal with me," he said. "He gave me an offer that I couldn't refuse. We got distribution through Sony Red, Rap-A-Lot, YNT, which is my label, Young'n'Thuggin. I started that movement. Young & Thuggin is me all the way." 

Read more of Turk's interview here.

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