Jon Bon Jovi writes the song "Do What You Can" to inspire people through the COVID-19 crisis. On March 23, rock artist JBJ took to his social media accounts with a video taken at his New Jersey home studio. He asked the fans at home to collaborate with him to finish it. He recognized that in these challenging times, maybe a song can uplift everyone.

The legendary rocker said in the video, these were "uneasy times we're dealing with, but we're all in this together". He further shared he had written the first verse and chorus. For the succeeding verses, he invited the viewers to "tell me your story".

Bon Jovi suggested several topics they could share - personal stories or struggles or emotions. He motivated the audience to sing the song with him and said: "remember when you can't do what you do, you do what you can." 

JBJ encouraged fans to submit their verses through his social media pages.

Last night, Jon Bovi gave an update on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon through a virtual interview. Fallon and JBJ talked about the song, "Do What You Can." The songwriter was proud to share that he received numerous submissions, in the form of poems and fans' recordings. He said he finished writing the song, but he still sang back verses sent to him.

The lyrics of the song include: 

"Tonight they're shutting down the borders 

And they boarded up the schools 

Small towns are rolling up their sidewalks 

One last paycheck coming through 

I know you're feeling kind of nervous

We're all a little bit confused 

Nothing's the same, this ain't a game

We got to make it through

When you can't do what you do

You do what you can."  

On Tuesday night, the live primetime special, "NBC News Special Report: Coronavirus Pandemic" will feature Jon Bon Jovi along with another guests. It is reported that a special recording of the new song, "Do What You Can Do" will be aired on the program. According to sources, it will be shown together with compiled images of healthcare workers on the frontline.

Bon Jovi amid COVID-19

The rocker and his family had been quarantined in their Jersey home for three weeks. David Bryan, the band's founding keyboardist, tested positive for COVID-19 as posted on Instagram on March 21. 

The vocalist's 17-year-old son, Jacob, was reported to have mildly contracted the coronavirus. According to an interview with Entertainment Tonight, his son had recovered and was treated by a doctor.  

Bon Jovi is also doing his share as a dishwasher in his restaurant JBJ Soul Kitchen. He admitted that some of the volunteers could not go to work due to the pandemic. The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation runs the non-profit community restaurant. Diners can take their meals by either paying for it or doing volunteer work at the restaurant.

"Bon Jovi 2020", the band's newest album is scheduled to be released on May 15, 2020.

Rock band Bon Jovi recently released a remake of 2019 single "Unbroken." The band collaborated with Prince Harry and the Invictus Games Choir for this track. Sales proceeds from the single will benefit the Invictus Games Foundation, to support the recovery and rehabilitation of injured and sick veterans.

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