Kelly Clarkson dropped her newest single "I Dare You" on April 16. The American Idol champ said it is her favorite song so far. "I Dare You" is a multilingual project, which is the brainchild of the Grammy-winning singer herself. In her pinned tweet, she wrote, "I dare each and every one of you to choose love." She further noted, "What a dream come true to be able to share this with you."

The new single comes on the heels of the current pandemic global situation that has gripped fears and isolation. Clarkson admitted in her interview on "The Today Show" on April 16, the song was in the works for more than a year. The singer believes it is the most appropriate time to release the track, which resonates with resilience, particularly in the present times. She further said it meant, "I dare you to love" instead of picking on hate or fear.

Calling it as the "hardest project" she has ever worked on, Clarkson recorded "I Dare You" in six languages - English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, and Hebrew. Together with international musical artists, she did duet renditions with each of them: Faouzia in Arabic, Blas Cantó in Spanish, Zas in French, Glasperlenspiel in German, and Maya Buskila in Hebrew. Though it was a year-long project, Clarkson revealed she wrapped up the entire recording in all six versions in just four days.

The daring project was almost shelved, she also said in "The Today Show," as there was no perfect song that would "felt fit with it" nor "no team to back her up" with the idea. The "Because of You" singer saw that the message in "I Dare You" was perfect, and it was universal. She further said the meaningful lyrics were "kind of globally connecting" to choose love over fear or hate and to engage with others again. "At the end of the day," Clarkson stressed, "we're all the same human race."

Clarkson said the inspiration for creating a song in different languages had been her life dream when she was doing opera in her younger years. In an interview with host Jimmy Fallon in the "The Tonight Show: At Home Edition" on Thursday, she revealed she grew up singing opera. She further said, "I got to sing in French, Italian, the Latin-based languages." It was her dream project to record a perfect song with an excellent message together with global artists singing in their native languages.

The singer-host told Fallon that her new single "ironically is very fitting right now." She acknowledged that even before the pandemic hit the world, "it's no secret as a nation, we're super divided." Clarkson found it ironic that despite the technological advancement, the world had become more divided. She believed that the song would inspire to bring about more global connection and to spread hope in the dark, isolating period.

The writers of the song are Natalie Hemby, Laura Veltz, and Ben West. Longtime Clarkson collaborator Jesse Shatkin led the production.

See the performance video which premiered on The Kelly Clarkson Show on April 16, together with the international singers who joined her virtually.

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