Eminem, who recently rejoiced his momentous 12-year sobriety, treated hospital workers in his hometown in Detroit. One of the greatest rappers of all time warmly sent out cups of his own famous Mom's Spaghetti to healthcare workers at two hospital facilities on Tuesday.    

The comfort food offered simple joys to the hardworking staff of the hospitals who serve in the frontlines caring for those affected with the coronavirus. A Twitter post from a representative of the Henry Ford Health System said, "Our #HealthcareHeroes 'lost themselves' in the delicious Mom's Spaghetti." The post showed their gratefulness to Detroit's very own Eminem for "providing a special meal for our team members."

moms spag
(Photo : Twitter/@Complex)

Healthcare workers from the Detroit Receiving Hospital also received their share of cups of happiness. A sticker of "Thank you frontline caregivers" was placed on every 400 meals given out to the two hospital facilities to indicate Eminem's appreciation for their unselfish sacrifices.

Eminem's manager, Paul Rosenberg, has announced that Marshall Bruce Mathers III, the real name of Eminem, will be donating cups of Mom's Spaghetti to provide warm meals to those working in the hospitals around the Detroit area in the coming weeks. The gesture to be coursed through the Marshall Mathers Foundation is Eminem's solidarity outreach to the massive health crisis the world is facing now.  

According to The Detroit News, the meals were cooked by Union Joints in Clarkston. Rosenberg further said that distribution would continue once the Union Joints has enough workforce to cook up the orders. His line of food also has always been present with its pop-up spots in the festival circuit.

Mom's Spaghetti became more famous when he included it as part of the lyrics to his 2003 Oscar award-winning song "Lose Yourself." The song won Best Original Song from the film "8 Mile" in the 75th Academy Awards.  

Sober Eminem

Eminem did not only share happiness with his cups of Spaghetti. On Tuesday, the master rapper celebrated a milestone by posting on his social media his 12 years of being sober. He wrote, "Clean dozen in the books!" And he added, "I'm not afraid."  

ems coin
(Photo : Twitter/@Eminem)

Eminem showed a photo of his Alcohol Anonymous coin with the number "12" inscribed on it about the number of years he has been off the hook. The phrase "one day at a time" is also engraved on the face of the coin.

The rapper has not been shy about his battle over his drug addiction. On the height of his addiction in 2007, he previously admitted he reached nearly 230 pounds due to the drugs he administered to himself. The "Real Slim Shady" took to running to help him conquer his addiction up to the point of injuring himself. He became "addicted" to running on the treadmill and outdoors to lose on his unwanted gained weight as well.

In a documentary titled "How To Make Money Selling Drugs" aired in 2013, Eminem revealed details of the harrowing effects on his addiction to prescription pills. He admitted then that "My bottom was gonna be my death." However, he acknowledged he relapsed after a month he was released from the hospital. He found his motivation and courage to be clean for the sake of his children. Eminem never looked back and dealt with a grueling, self-imposed detox.