Amanda Kloots and son, Elvis announced on IG live that husband, Nick Cordero is awake.
(Photo: Instagram/@amandakloots)
Amanda Kloots and son, Elvis announced on IG live that husband, Nick Cordero is awake.

Broadway actor Nick Cordero, after 42 days has regained back his consciousness on May 12 as announced by his wife, Amanda Kloots on Instagram Live. Cordero was diagnosed with COVID-19 in early April and had complications that led to a leg amputation.

Earlier today, fitness instructor Kloots together with their first-born 11-month son, Elvis, happily posted a video exclaiming that the #CodeRocky will have to be changed because "Nick - Dada- is awake!" She mentioned that she asked the doctor if it can be said that he is awake. At the end of the video, she raised her son and exclaimed, "We did it!" The infant can be seen clapping his hands with joy.

Code Rocky is a medical term created at Baystate Medical Center that is now used by hospitals whenever a COVID-19 patient is on the way to full recovery. "Waitress" actor Cordero has been confined in an intensive care unit and was in a medically-induced coma before he woke up.

Soon after her video post, Kloots uploaded a picture of Nick taken from Italy during their honeymoon and she wrote that they received "great news" that morning. She gave the update that her husband has started to "follow commands and doing simple tracking!!!!!"


She further wrote on her post that the Tony-nominated actor is still very weak citing that even "opening his eyes is a struggle." And on a positive note exclaimed that his recovery is happening and the actor is starting to wake up. The former Broadway dancer though emphasized that it does mean he is "out of the woods yet" as there are other medical concerns with regards to his recovery. She proclaimed that the good news she received about the development of "his mental status is a win!!"

On her next post, where Kloots is shown wearing a face mask with printed words of "WAKE UP NICK" and carrying their son on her arms, captioned it with "Positivity, hope, perseverance, strength and prayers!" She further added, "We aren't giving up Nick Cordero!" Kloots has remained to be strong and positive all throughout the arduous journey of her husband.

Nick Cordero's fight with COVID-19

Cordero, 41, has started to be sick towards the end of March and was initially diagnosed with pneumonia and tested negative with the coronavirus. Even under medication, his condition became worse and his wife had to rush him to the emergency on March 30. Immediately, he was sedated as his oxygen level went down and on April 1, he was intubated on a ventilator, and on a retest, he was found to be positive with COVID-19.

Kloots, on her post over the weekend, said her husband has no pre-existing conditions and they do not know how he contracted the coronavirus. She went on to detail out all the complications that Cordero went through - his heart stopped and had to be resuscitated, he experienced two mini-strokes, he had dialysis, his leg got swollen and blood clots formed which led to his right leg amputation. She went on to detail the rest of what Cordero went through including surgery for a temporary pacemaker to help his heart function. She encouraged everyone to stay home and follow guidelines to avoid infection.

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