Rolling Stones bandleader Ronnie Wood's party-life would have sustained the legends prime years of performance. However, it seems to have proven otherwise to his eldest son Jaime as he shared in an interview with Daily Mail.

The English rocker who joined the Rolling Stones in 1975 has stepped away from his old ways. He has been clean at least for a decade. Wood now enjoys the time with his twins from his third affair.

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Different Upbringing

The firstborn of the legend performer shared how he had a chaotic upbringing. It made him hooked on cocaine and heroin at an early age of 20. "Drugs were normal in my family."

Jaime discussed how being a son of a Rolling Stone took his childhood and eventually developed into a drug habit.

Looking back on their normal household routine as a teen, Jamie remembered how his parents used to party as the smell of cannabis filled the house.

Drugs have been regular in their household while being demonized in public. Jaime grew up as a troubled teen being dragged around the world by his parents' lifestyle.

He went to different schools in several countries. Settling to Wimbledon,

London, that is where he recalls being hooked to the wrong group.  

Rather than advising him to stay clear, the senior Wood warned him not to let drugs control his life.

His parents knew about drugs and were aware that he would make his personal decisions.

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Turning Point

The 45-year-old Rolling Stone son remembers having accidental overdose as a kid. However, what happened three years ago is quite different; it changes the course of his life. At 42, he was rushed to the hospital for a heart bypass procedure. The incident forced him to improve his lifestyle. He ditched the ways he used to be, including using cannabis and a daily pack of cigarettes.


A Rolling Stone's son he is, Jamie, shares to Daily Mail that he finds it hard to have a stable job and figuring what he wanted to do. He used to work with his parents. He was his dad's manager before venturing into art sales. Before his heart attack, Jaime got a restaurant franchise that eventually did not play well.

He was depressed for a while, but he found a discovery amidst his situation - a therapeutic vape. The one's problematic Rolling Stone's son sets his laboratory and eventually launched his new company Woodies.

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High Hopes

Seeing how his father is doing now with his third wife, who is 30 years his junior, Jaime is convinced that his father has changed for the better. He also had kind words for his father and his new partner, observing how his younger siblings are great.

Jaime is assured that Ronnie will do his job as a father better this time.