Jason Derulo appears to have accidentally smashed Will Smith's front teeth in latest TikTok prank.

Last Sunday, the "Bad Boys for Life" actor posted a video of him and Derulo on his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

In that video, Smith is coaching Derulo how to make a perfect golf swing. When Smith approached to correct the "Get Ugly" R&B singer, he got smacked in the face by the apprentice. In pain, Smith groaned and fell to the floor before revealing the damage - his front teeth got knocked out.

Then, the golf coach declared it is "his turn" to show the apprentice a good swing. Smith then proceeds to get a golf club and prepares to swing. Knowing full well what is going to happen, Derulo tries to negotiate "we could just talk about this" before getting whacked by Smith.

The "a wimoweh a wimoweh" chant from "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by The Tokens cues in Derulo's fate. The song is used in meme videos implying someone is about to get hurt.

Smith, with teeth knocked out, posted a selfie with Derulo on Instagram along with a light-hearted caption that he is going to stop inviting the R&B singer over.

Jason Derulo Accidentally Smashed Will Smith's Front Teeth In TikTok Prank
(Photo : Will Smith - Instagram)
Comments on the Instagram post had fans question whether what happened was real or not. Some fans even thought the prank was fake but was later convinced that it was "real" when they saw Smith's new smile.

Smith recently starred in "Bad Boys for Life," released last January 2020. He is currently working on "The Council," "Bright 2," "Bad Boys 4," and "King Richard."

As for Derulo, he was caught in a controversy when he released the song "Savage Love." It featured a sample from Jawsh 685, a music producer from New Zealand. They eventually came to a resolution for the clearance issue. The song was relaunched as "Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat)" and is rightfully credited to both artists.

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