Steve-O is making the rounds in the news today for taping himself to a Hollywood billboard using only duct tape.

The professional prankster was safely rescued from the billboard in the intersection of Yucca Street and Cahuenga Boulevard. Behind the black tape that covered almost all of his body, he is revealed to be wearing only diapers.

The British-born performance artist taped himself as a stunt to promote his upcoming comedy special, Gnarly.

Steve-O Almost Became a Rapper: A Memoir
(Photo : Steve-O - Instagram)
Steve-O Almost Became a Rapper: A Memoir

Born Stephen Gilchrist Glover, he is best known in the reality-comedy series "Jackass." The TV show aired for three seasons and even spawned multiple movies as well as spin-offs.

However, many fans probably did not know that he almost became a rapper. This is understandable since it ended before it even began.

The prank and stunt artist uploaded a video where he narrated his attempt at creating music in "My Failed Rap Career."

In that self-made documentary are never-seen-before footage of the "Jackass" star rubbing elbows with top music executives and hip hop artists. Without the recorded footage, people (himself included) would probably find it difficult to believe that he once attempted to make a career in rap music. Watch the video here:

It all started with the G-Unit studio inviting him to make an appearance for a mixtape back in 2004. "Jackass" was still popular during this time and he gets invited to most of their tours as well as into the stage.

Later he thought of a comedy skit where he would invite people to his apartment and convince them that he is now a rapper in true MTV Cribs fashion.

During that time, he recorded his first rap song called "Hard As a Rock." He played the song for Comedy Central executives before working on his true intention: to pitch a TV show.

The people in charge found the rap song hilarious and could care less about his TV show pitch. Instead, they wanted Steve-O to make a comedy rap album for Comedy Central Records.

When his entertainment lawyer heard about this, the legal adviser offered Steve-O a better deal: make an actual rap album under Universal Music Group. Turns out, his entertainment lawyer is connected to big names in the hip hop industry such as Notorious B.I.G. and Cash Money Millionaires.

The "Jackass" actor was rubbing elbows with legitimate hip hop artists - Cool-G rap, B-Real, M.O.P. - to name a few. He also met prominent rapper 50 Cent, who recorded a voicemail greeting for him, in one of the G-Unit tours.

Steve-O was starting to work on his album with hilarious track titles such as "Snitching is B*tching" and "Cr*ck C*caine Feels so Good." He even got to the point where they were starting to take photos for the cover of his album.

It was at this moment when he completely lost himself on drugs. The soon-to-be prank rapper got rehabilitated with the help of the "Jackass" co-stars and friends. This is also when he decided to get completely clean and sober. The record label had to shelf the album and reassured Steve-O that "it's all good."

There is more to the story of his failed rap career in his book "Professional Idiot: A Memoir."