May 25, 2018 / 6:37 PM

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Universal Reportedly Ending Streaming Exclusives After Frank Ocean Album Release

This news comes from a very brief note written by industry insider Bob Lefsetz on his daily newsletter via The Guardian, where he states that UMG Lucian Grainge CEO sent out an email to company executives ending all future exclusives.

Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga Lawsuit: Young Money v Universal Music Group

Lil Wayne is suing Universal Music Group over profits for Tyga, Drake and Nicki Minaj, all of whom were signed to his Young Money Records label. He's still also suing Cash Money Records over his yet-to-be-released album, 'The Carter V'

Universal Music Posts 2015 Revenue Increase Thanks To Streaming

The machine always seems to try and stifle it, but streaming is now becoming the main gravy train for major labels. Universal Music and its parent company Vivendi have announced their 2015 revenue and UMG posted a 2.7 percent increase at constant ...

SoundCloud, Universal Music Group Sign Licensing Deal

SoundCloud has had trouble with its transition from a small, music discovery platform to a billion dollar company that has played a vital role in artist development, but also found itself in the crosshairs of industry executives who want all aspects ...

Universal Music Group International Chairman & CEO Max Hole Stepping Down

Universal Music Group International Chairman and CEO Max Hole has stepped down effective immediately from his role leading the largest music label in the world.

Soundcloud, Universal Music Group Reportedly Agree To Licensing Deal

Just as reports of SoundCloud's impending demise started to grow louder, it appears they maligned streaming and discovery service may have taken a major step towards creating a sustainable business model. According to a new report in Music Business ...

Soundcloud Could Be in Financial Trouble as Major Label Deals Loom

SoundCloud could be facing some dire financial consequences, including being "dangerously low on cash," according to reports from Digital Music News. although the company is valued at more than $700 million, two sources indicated to the publication ...

Grooveshark Returns Under New Domain Name, 90 Percent of Files

Grooveshark may be gone officially, but a clone site bearing the same name has begun swimming the internet seas and offering downloads of music and films to users. The official rendition of the file-sharing site formally shut down last week after a ...

Grooveshark Shuts Down After Lengthy Universal Music Lawsuit

Grooveshark, buried under a lengthy and expensive lawsuit from the Universal Music Group, has announced that it will shut down immediately. A statement from the service on Thursday acknowledged mistakes and that it will wipe its servers clean.

Grooveshark Could be Fined $730 Million for Universal Music Group Lawsuit Damages

It's been five years since the Universal Music Group first brought its legal team against Grooveshark, a music streaming site. Now it looks like the defendant will pay a dramatic amount, approaching a billion dollars in fines. Universal had looked to ...

Universal Music Group Lawsuit: Chuck D, Rick James and More Win $11.5 Million Settlement

Universal Music has come to a settlement with a substantial number of its former artists—including Chuck D, Dave Mason of Traffic and Rick James (by way of a trust, as the guitarist is deceased)—regarding the distribution of royalties from ...

Major Labels Like Universal Reportedly Looking to End Spotify's Unlimited Free Streaming

If you are one of the millions who relies on Spotify to stream music for free, your unlimited access may soon be restricted if the major labels have their way. This according to a new report that says Universal Music Group is trying to leverage its ...

Universal Inks Deal To Allow Targeted, Retroactive Product Placement In Music Videos

Product placement in music videos has become ubiquitous in the industry and now it's set to change after Universal Music Group signed a deal that allows advertisers to digitally insert their products into previously released videos then later swap ...

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