Zayn Malik left One Direction back in 2015 but the band decided to move forward with four members before going on a hiatus. During this time, Malik has made negative comments about his run with the band stating he did not like the music they made, and he did not become friends with his fellow band members.

One Direction is considered one of the many popular boybands back in the day. They were formed in 2010 by Simon Cowell who saw the potential of them as a boy group instead of solo artists. This was when Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson were part of the singing competition show The X Factor.

Here are what each band members say about each other:

Zayn Malik

Malik was probably the most distant among the members of One Direction. He believed that the music they created was generic AF and how it did not really fit his intended musical style. The "Pillowtalk" singer said he would not listen to any One Direction song. He also added that he did not want to be in the band in the first place, how he wasn't talking to any of them, and how he never really made friends with them.

Harry Styles

Styles responded to Malik's comment that the music they were making "were not cool." He said that "it's a shame he felt that way," and added that he would never wish anything bad to anyone who is pursuing their dreams.

"If you're not enjoying something and need to do something else, you absolutely should do that. I'm glad he's doing what he likes, and good luck to him," was the advice Harry Styles imparted to his former band mate.

What Each One Direction Member Has To Say About Each Other
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Louis Tomlinson

When news about Malik leaving came, Tomlinson admitted that he was not ready for it. He also shared that he was not "mature enough" to forgive him. He said he was "still pretty mad about the whole thing" and added that Malik did not handle the situation well.

Liam Payne

In 2017, Payne made a joke about why Malik left. It was during James Corden receiving the Man Of The Year Award at Glamour's Women Of The Year. Corden had a slogan, so Payne remarked that One Direction did not have one.

"but if we had, Zayn might have stayed."

Payne also admitted that he was distant with his other bandmates so he found it strange that Malik left like that. He mentioned that they all had differences, but they tried to surmount the obstacles. However, in Malik's case, he found it strange, and "the way he chose to go."

"He didn't even say goodbye, if I am being honest. It was a sordid scenario, from our side certainly. A bit strange. It's difficult."

Despite that, he believes that Malik is the best singer and how the latter enjoys the songwriting process. Payne thinks Malik just did not like what came out of it.

Niall Horan

Horan mentioned that he kept in touch with all the band members, but Malik was "the hardest man to get in touch with." When asked about Malik's comment, he appears to respect who Malik is by saying "I know what Zayn's like - outspoken, and fair play to him." Be that as it may, he was still grateful for the things they all have gone through.