Despite the criticisms early in his career, Pitbull was already famous in the Miami Latin music scene. Most of the listeners would agree that he lacks flow, his lyrics are not that good, and that he would never make it big. But perhaps it was this "noise" that caught the attention of Sean Combs, also known as Puff Daddy or P. Diddy.

During this time, Combs wanted to expand the reach of his Bad Boy record label to other demographics. Since Pitbull was widely talked about, Puff Daddy decided to work with the Miami rapper for the Bad Boy Latino label. P. Diddy also tasked Pitbull, real name Armando Christian Perez, to find new Latin talents to sign up and work for the label.

Before this, he already had his first album released in 2004 called M.I.A.M.I. The album reached number 14 on the Billboard album charts. Pitbull released his second and third album via the Bad Boy Latino record label. His second album El Mariel made it to top 17 while his third album The Boatlift lacked power and only reached number 50.

Pitbull moved to significant label Polo Grounds Music, where he released his fourth studio album Rebelution. It was in this album where he brought in other famous artists such as Akon, Ke$ha, Nayer, and a lot more. Because of this, his name started to gain ground in popular and club music.

How Pitbull Achieved So Much Despite Many Saying He Lacked Talent
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When Pitbull was featured on Jennifer Lopez's "On the Floor" track, that is when he knew he finally hit gold. The song was widely successful, and it reached the top spot of music charts all around the world.

This boosted his popularity, even more, allowing him to collaborate with other featured artists for his next successful songs. He worked with T-Pain for the single "Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)" and brought in Ne-Yo, Nayer, as well as Afrojack for "Give Me Everything." The latter skyrocketed to the top spot on the Billboard music charts. Both songs were featured on his fifth studio album Planet Pit.

He also brought Shakira on board for "Get It Started" and Christina Aguilera for "Feel This Moment." The single with Aguilera made its way into the top 10 positions in music charts worldwide. These songs are from his sixth album Global Warming, where he also featured Flo Rida and Jason Derulo.

As if that was not enough, he re-released the album Global Warming: Meltdown with five new tracks. The single from the re-release album was "Timber" with Ke$ha. The song became his most successful track yet, making it his second single to reach the top spot.

Criticisms about Pitbull usually revolve around him relying on other talented musician's star power to boost his own while he lacks a "talent" of his own. His rap and singing are not that great, while his lyrics are shallow and boastful. He also does not have the looks of an actor or a pop star. However, some defend the rapper by admiring his knack on putting things together to make a hit song.

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