Justin Bieber replaced Drake in the music video for DJ Khaled's new single "Popstar."

In the video, Bieber is seen standing in and rapping to Drake's voice.

At the start of the video, DJ Khaled has sent numerous Facetime calls to Drake telling him to shoot the music video already. Drake got annoyed because, even though he wants to, he is unable to make a music video due to the pandemic. Because Drake had no choice, he is forced to call in a favor of another pop star.

In the next scene, the focus moves to a celebrity sleeping after partying all night. He is none other than Justin Bieber. Once the song starts, viewers see Bieber lip-synching to Drake's rapping and singing parts.

"I'm a popstar not a doctor," Bieber continues as he walks across his luxurious house with a bulky bodyguard following him. It appears the party is still up with some of his girl and guy friends passing him drinks.

But not for long as the party gets interrupted by their manager who comes up to them with a "back to work" gesture. Not long after, Bieber and the dancers prepare in order to shoot the music video. At the end of the video is a surprise reveal, watch it here:

End credits of the music video reveal that the production took extra precautions to make sure that COVID-19 guidelines were strictly implemented.

Coincidentally, Drake also referenced the "Baby" pop singer in the lyrics where it goes "sh*t don't even usually get this big without a Bieber face"

Drake recently released "Laugh Now Cry Later" with rapper Lil Durk back in August 14, 2020. DJ Khaled worked with Drake for this single as well as "Greece" where the former debut at number three while the later at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100.

Justin Bieber Replaced Drake in DJ Khaled's New Single
(Photo : DJ Khaled - YouTube )