Julien's Auctions has just presented their "Music Icons" special auction featuring different artifacts from music icons such as a self-portrait of Kurt Cobain, handwritten love letters by Britney spears, and a guitar owned by Eddie Van Halen. As reported by Broadway World, the live auctions event is featured on Julien's Life from June 1, Friday to June 13, Sunday.

'Music Icons' Form Part of Julien's Auctions 

Some of the most coveted pieces by music enthusiasts are rare finds such as lyrics written by Bob Dylan, and an iconic outfit worn by none other than Cher. According to the Executive Director of Julien's Auctions Martin Nolan, the auction's "Music Icons" special is part of an annual event. In the same event that was held last year, Julien's Auctions was able to sell Kurt Cobain's guitar for over $6 million to the highest bidder.


In an interview with Martin Nolan and New Nations Now, he said that "These items come from all different people that collect these items over the years." He highlights how these items were prized possessions by previous owners who have spent a great deal of time in collecting them.

And now it's time for them to let go. And the nice thing is that they go to new homes, new people that will take care of them preserve them, they enjoy them.", he added.

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Music Brings Us Together, Says Julien Auctions Director Martin Nolan

Nolan also mentioned that the musical artifacts are not only for fans of music history. Museums that are non-music based are also high bidders for these items, noting that they are in demand even for different industries outside music.

"Even museums love to have these icons because they're so iconic, great conversation pieces and people will come to museums to see these 3-dimensional items.", Nolan Said.

According to Nolan, "We all can relate to something from music," He adds that "we can't all relate to a Monet or a Picasso, certainly not for 10s of millions of dollars."

Nolan notes that music brings people together and that all of us can relate to music. Hence, the demand for these special pieces are extremely high, especially for establishments who welcome viewers from the public.

Nolan said, "people from museums to investors to collectors to fans, they want to own some of these items. Because we're all nostalgic. We want to hark back to a time, if we could turn back time, own something really cool."

Usually, the auction would just last a maximum of two days. However, the auction house decided to extend the duration of the auction due to the high number of items to be sold.

Aside from the essence of music, the heart of nostalgia is what the people want, according to Nolan. Going back to the time machine by owning pieces such as teenage Britney Spear's handwritten love letters to her puppy love is definitely something worth eyeing for.

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