The return of Madonna- The 62-year old queen of pop has marked her return to her home town with two flawless new Instagram photos. Fans were stunned by the seemingly ageless icon, making them wonder, is she having botox? An Instagram filter? Or does she just have the fountain of youth?

Madonna Drops Flawless Two-Piece Selfie With Instagram Filter

Daily Mail speculates that the two photos seemed to have been smoothened out using an IG filter, making her skin look flawless, plump, and young. The superstar has left her followers in awe as she rocked a leathered black bra and high-waisted hot shorts on her room shoot.

She announced her return to the Big Apple by captioning her Instagram post, "New Life. New York. Re-invention."

The star had her bright blonde hair tied back with a studded headband. She glammed up her look with a light, natural-finish make-up, having the camera flash at some sexy, sultry glare.

  She dazzled her look with several layers of gold necklaces, showing pendants that say "Queen", and "Mambo", along with other circle and cross-shaped pendants. While some fans speculate whether she's been having botox or filler injections, or a well-layered makeup base, many believe she's made use of the Instagram smoothing filter, which is used by many celebrities. Despite whatever the star may have been undergoing to maintain her youthful feature, she seemingly still has that youthful vibe going in her despite already being at the age of 62. Read more: 'Selena' Writers Say they Took the Job Out of 'Love for Singer' Despite Being Overworked and Underpaid by Netflix

Madonna Gives Fans Sneak Peak of New York Home and Upcoming Biopic Project

The photos also seemingly have her fans a sneak peak of her room in New York. Whilst giving her best angles, she shows through the photos a glimpse of her bathroom. Her space featured luxurious materials decorating a white themed interior. A large visible is featured behind the star as well as a spacious white bathtub and some artworks featuring sketched images and colored collage paintings.

As reported by Cinema Express, her Instagram post is a mark of a new beginning after confirming that she has replaced the spot of writer Diablo Cody with Erin Wilson. Wilson is famous for well-renowned films such as "The Girl on The Train" and "Secretary" on the singer's upcoming biopic. Madonna brought to Instagram the launch of her new writer in a post saying "Sitting with my favorite b***h... I mean writer ️ Erin Wilson. Nothing Touches but our Souls. #traceyemin #screenplay!"

This is also a tease to her upcoming project undergoing writing process as of the moment. The story will feature notes of her life that goes back from her beginnings in the 1970s.

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