Laura Osnes

Laura Osnes Fired From Broadway's Hampton Production Because of THIS!

Buzz 08:00AM EDT

Laura Osnes will no longer make it to the Hamptons production after the Broadway actress broke one strict protocol.READ MORE

Botox or IG Filter? Madonna, 62 Returns in Hot Leather Bra and Shorts on Latest Stunning Instagram Selfie

Botox or IG Filter? Madonna, 62 Looks Ageless in Hot Leather Bra and Shorts on Latest Stunning Instagram Selfie

Buzz 10:25AM EDT

Or does she just have the fountain of youth? Madonna looks stunningly ageless in latest hot selfie!READ MORE

Barbra Streisand received the Golden Globe Award in 1969.

5 Sensational Music Artists Who Won Acting Awards

Exclusives 09:53AM EDT

Here are five musicians who landed meaty roles in Hollywood and were awarded for their portrayals.READ MORE

R. Kelly

R. Kelly Management Says Time’s Up Movement 'Rushed To Judgment' Joining #MuteRKelly Campaign

Buzz 07:21AM EDT

The Time's Up movement called for the boycott of R&B singer R.Kelly for the numerous sexual abuse allegations made against him by several women. His management continues to deny all accusations.READ MORE

Sharon Stone

Asked If She’s Faced Sexual Harassment In Hollywood, Sharon Stone Laughs: ‘I’ve Seen It All’

10:40AM EDT

Sharon Stone is the latest actress to admit that she has experienced sexual harassment during her career in Hollywood. But she didn’t go into the specifics — not that she needed to, anyway.READ MORE

Blanca Blanco On Red Golden Globes Dress Criticism:

Blanca Blanco On Red Golden Globes Dress Criticism: 'The Issue Is Bigger Than My Dress Color'

Buzz 00:39AM EDT

Blanca Blanco responded to criticisms following her appearance at the Golden Globes wearing a red dress. The Latin actress said that she supports the Times Up movement despite her not wearing black at the awards.READ MORE

George Clooney - Getty Images

Is Amal Clooney Sick of George's Friends Already?

Off-Key 14:39PM EDT

We have heard right from the start that Amal Clooney was totally different from any of the other cookie-cutter women whom George Clooney was usually linked to. Most of his relationships over the last two decades seemed to have an 18-month expiration date, and while the ladies may have been hot, they brought little else to the table. Amal, to put it simply, does not need him. She has a career, money in the bank and an established circle of friends that existed before she met George. That means she is less inclined to put up with anything his previous women might have. Let's face it: As long as George was paying for luxurious trips, all of those other women probably did not complain about much of anything. Amal, on the other hand, is different. She knew George likes to have the guys around a lot, but she is reportedly beginning to get a little tired of always entertaining his motley Hollywood crew. According to a few sources, Amal prefers to align herself with fellow lawyers, scientists and doctors, so having to sit through too many evenings with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill is not her idea of fun.READ MORE

Sony - Getty Images

Sony Faces Backlash from Hollywood After Shelving 'The Interview' Amid Terrorist Threats

Off-Key 12:27PM EDT

It seems Sony has found itself in the kind of a situation that offers no easy solution. After weeks of being hacked and embarrassed on an international level, it has finally been confirmed by the U.S. government that North Korea is behind the cyber attack, and the effect has been all but crippling for the movie house. Ultimately, the hackers were working hard to scare Sony into shelving its comedy "The Interview," which was scheduled to hit theaters Christmas Day, and as of now their efforts have worked. The film, a comedy about taking out North Korea's Kim Jong Un, seems to have been put to rest permanently, and much of Hollywood seems furious about it. Aside from having to crawl out from the initial humiliation, not only of actually being hacked but then the mortification that the contents of various emails have been leaked, the company was left with a huge problem on its hands. Within the last week Seth Rogen and James Franco began canceling different media interviews that were intended to promote "The Interview," and as of yesterday both actors had been photographed with bodyguards. The stars connected to the project have feared for their own safety, so it makes sense Sony would proceed with extra caution.READ MORE

Michael Jackson Arraignment On Child Molestation Charges

Michael Jackson: Neverland Ranch Maids Slam King Of Pop, Labeled ‘Dirtiest, Most Unsanitary Person In Hollywood’

Trending News 11:39AM EDT

We all know Michael Jackson had some problems … especially those accusations of sexual abuse. But also, it turns out the King of Pop was a bit of a slob. Actually, a lot. At least, that’s what a number of maids who worked for him at the Neverland Ranch had to say, according to the New York Post.READ MORE

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams, Pitbull Getting Stars On Hollywood Walk Of Fame In 2015

Genres 12:34PM EDT

Pharrell and Pitbull will be amongst the 30 celebrities scheduled to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2015. Also on the bill are Anchorman star Will Ferrell and Bridesmaids’ own Melissa McCarthy.READ MORE

Lana Del Rey New Songs 2013 LEAK: Fanbase Divided over Early Release of 'Black Beauty,' 'Angels Forever,' 'JFK,' 'Hollywood' and More [LISTEN/AUDIO]

Genres 00:38AM EDT

Following the leak of at least four songs earlier this week, a new crop of Lana Del Rey tracks were unleashed on to the Internet yesterday (July 18) by YouTube user kaique talles. Unlike the songs on July 15, the most recent crop are...READ MORE

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