J.Lo could learn a thing or two from her long-term friend Ne-Yo who just recently got back with his wife Crystal Renay after calling it quits before the quarantine happened. When asked what the R&B hitmaker could give as an advice to his friend J.Lo who is currently rekindling her romance with ex Ben Affleck, he said "It doesn't have to be over." 

Ne-Yo Says Reuniting 'Is Not Easy' But That's Just How the Process is

In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, Ne-Yo shares details about what transpired in his personal life, warranting him to give thoughtful advice to his friend who's currently going through the same process.

"It is not an easy thing to do, to be honest it is not easy, which is why I thank God for the quarantine because it forced Crystal and I to do it.", Ne-Yo said.

In his words, he gave words of encouragement not to give up on the process since it would never be easy. He also expressess his gratitude for quarantine that has made things possible to patch things up with his wife. The singer is trying to get his point accross to his long-term friend J.Lo who, according to Page Six is now happily PDA-ing with ex Ben Affleck, while on the process of trying to bring back old flame.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Made Ne-Yo Realize Kids, Wife and Family Are Things That Really Matter

It was reported that the singer had split from his wife since February 2020. However, after four months, the two have reconciled together thanks  to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The "Miss Independent" singer said "I genuinely don't really know if we would have been mature enough to do it on our own."

"but the pandemic almost made it mandatory for us to get it right. Praise to God. I am happy.", he added. Prior to the comeback, the two had stopped communicating since the divorce. 

"Right before the quarantine happened, we had fallen on a rocky point, and we got to a place where we couldn't really talk to each other. You know what I mean? It was that kind of thing where there was obviously something wrong and I could tell something was wrong.", Ne-Yo reveals.

"When I would say something is wrong, she would say, 'nothing,' which makes me even madder," he added.

He continued, "Then when you do want to talk it would be, 'hey I have a flight to catch, I will be back in two weeks.' We just got to that place where there was no communication. We couldn't be friends because we couldn't talk to each other. That reached a head and we decided that divorce would be the best option."

According to the singer, the pandemic changed everything. 

"They told everybody to go home, and they didn't give us much more information than that. So, I was like, 'If we are about to die, I will go where my family is... I will go where my kids are and where my wife is, and I will go home," he said.

Ne-Yo said that the quarantine had opened the door to talk about uncomfortable conversations. It was a turning point to talk about each other's weaknesses. 

The singer added, "We really got to what I don't like about you, and you don't like about me.' Whether or not our love is stronger than the things we don't like about each other."

Now, the two have come back stronger than ever. As J.Lo is in the process of reuniting with ex Ben Affleck or not, many including her close friend believe that second chances are worth it.

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