There's reportedly going to be a Tupac album coming out.

Posthumously, the late rapper turned 50 years old, and despite being dead for years, he is still celebrated as if he was still alive.

There have been reports that Tupac will be releasing some new material. Fans now may be in luck because the rumors about the said album could be released on the anniversary of his death.

The album is titled "One Nation," and it has been reported that the unreleased works will feature Busta Rhymes, Boot Camp Click, and Outcast.

Per reports, the album was supposed to show Tupac's union with several artists who originated from the East Coast and signify that there's no feud between the East and West Coasts.

Despite the circulation of several Tupac mixtapes, the album was never released officially and commercially.

What To Know So Far About Tupac and Outlawz's 'One Nation' Unreleased Album

Tupac's Outlawz band member, Young Noble, took to Instagram to suggest that the group released the group.

Though this gave die-hard fans hope that the whole album is Tupac's project, Young Noble's post didn't clarify further.

He captioned the post, "When a b---- tryna sing along wit this Outlaw s--- I stick the mic in her face to see if she really know the words or nah."

Per the rapper, the album is expected to drop on Sept. 13 and will be the "very last Outlawz album."

Young Noble finished the post with hashtags, #ItsBeenFun, #ImDone, and #Outlaw4life.

The rapper's confession about his retirement plan also comes after being recently diagnosed with health issues.

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Fans Want To Know More About Tupac's Album

What Young Noble divulged recently wasn't enough for the fans, as they want to know if Tupac was involved in the project.

One fan said, "You can't just be throwing out 'ONE NATION' and not elaborate ! Bro is this picking up where pac left off on the album ?? Or is this brand new album all together #WeNeedToKnow."

Another fan asked, "Like original one nation album though??"

The legendary rapper Tupac Shakur, who also went by 2Pac, left his mark on the music industry thanks to his unique talent. However, he left a massive hole in fans' hearts after he was killed in Sept. 1996.

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