Madonna is one of the few celebrities who are speaking against Britney Spears' conservatorship.

In a recent Instagram Story, the 62-year-old queen of pop begged to "give this woman her life back."

The post included a picture of herself wearing a white tank top with Britney's name written on the chest.

She added that Britney's conservatorship is a "violation of human rights" and added, "Slavery was abolished so long ago!"

The "Material Girl" hitmaker even went on to add, "Death to the greedy patriarchy that has been doing this to women for centuries."

Madonna then assured the "Baby One More Time" singer that "we coming to get you go out jail!"

However, the "Vogue" singer received a ton of backlash from social media users despite already speaking out to fight for Britney.

One thing that went wrong in Madonna's Instagram post was comparing conservatorship to slavery.

One Twitter user wrote, "Yikes. Let's not compare conservatorships to slavery because it is definitely not the same."

Meanwhile, another social media user said, "Why am I not surprised that it was Madonna that said that?"

Though they appreciate Madonna's sentiments, she should've chosen the right words.

Another Twitter user said, "awful comparison as usual, i really wish she'd think about these first bec her heart is in the right place."

But some Twitter users were in favor of Madonna.

One tweeted, "i agree with this 100 percent (i feel like ppl could pick but idk how ppl could ignore she clearly has the best intentions here and is doing the right thing by sticking up for britney."

One person referenced what the "Piece of Me" hitmaker said in her bombshell testimony last month, "Britney relates her conservatorship to s*x trafficking which is a modern form of slavery lets not."

Another user explained how comparing the conservatorship to "slavery" is a bit too much, but at least celebrities speaking out about Britney Spears' "abusive" conservatorship.

"Comapring it to "slavery" may be a tad bit too much and may have wrong connotations but what's important is the message is there and it's great to hear a fellow celebrity vocal about wanting Britney's freedom. We need more supportive voices!"

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Celebrities Who Are #FreeBritney Supporters

Madonna joins a list of celebrities who speak out in support of Britney Spears and her controversial conservatorship.

She and Mariah Carey, Cher, Christina Aguilera, Halsey, Paris Hilton, Normani, and so much more are using their voices to be heard.

However, other famous people, especially feminists like Taylor Swift, have yet to comment on the current #FreeBritney situation.

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