Its been 18 years since the release of Tupac's classic All Eyez On Me album and it still proves to be one of the late rapper's best selling albums. 

According to the RIAA, Pac's 1996 release has earned diamond certification. 

The album, which features "California Love (Remix)," "How Do U Want It," "Life Goes On" and "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted," among other hits, has gone 10 times platinum 18 years after its initial release.  

Upon release the album received lukewarm reviews for various outlets including Rolling Stone

The magazine scored the album with a 3 out of 5. 

"Even as a garden-variety thug, 2Pac shows more skill than most," Rolling Stone said at the time. "He deserves to have all eyes – and ears – on him."   

Entertainment Weekly gave the album a grade of B+.  

"Shakur has often made more compelling courtroom appearances (and movies) than records, but All Eyez on Me changes that dramatically," EW wrote. "Shakur belongs on Death Row – the rap hit-factory label, that is, which is also home to Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg. With a slew of producers, including Dre and nearly a dozen disciples of his g-funk sound, the album swings nonstop for over two rambunctious hours." 

Back in 2011, Pac's Greatest Hits album released in 1998 was certified diamond by the RIAA. According to HipHopDX, the album is noted for featuring four previously unreleased tracks and a number of re-edited versions of previously released songs.  

Greatest Hits went on to become the late rapper's first diamond-selling project. 

What are your overall thoughts on the All Eyez On Me album? What was your favorite track from the album? 

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