Britney Spears fans are currently asking her a massive favor - to lay low for a while.

Recently, the 39-year-old singer-songwriter bared her nipples in a sexy topless picture amid her conservatorship war with dad Jamie Spears.

She captioned the sexy pictures with a series of emojis with stars.


Celebrity friends of the pop star praised the picture. Paris Hilton commented, "Sliving Sis!"

Mister Preda wrote a pun, saying, "TITNEY SPEARS!"

While "Jersey Shore" star Snooki commented, "Gimme gimme moreeee," in reference to Britney Spears' hit song "Gimme More."

Though the picture didn't exactly show her nipples, fans are disturbed and just want the mom-of-two to stop posting these kinds of pictures.

One fan commented his displeasure, saying, "Britney, we're trying to free you, boo. Lay low for a bit."

Another concerned fan wrote, "I don't know that this is the way."

One fan agreed with the comment above, saying, "This isn't helping," while another asked the singer, "What are you doing?"

But one fan had to say what everybody else wants to say, "Looked through your account. You're giving me unstable vibes."

This wasn't the first time Britney Spears left little imagination.

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On Friday, the "Toxic" hitmaker posted her first skin-baring pic on Instagram. She wore denim shorts and covered her breasts with her hands as she pushed her chest together to show off some cleavage.

Britney also left her shorts unbuttoned as she looked into the camera with smoldering eyes.

The Grammy-winning singer's long blonde tresses were tied behind her as she struck a pose in the backyard of her Thousands Oaks home.

Fans were also left shocked with the risqué Instagram picture.

"You're worth more Brit," one person commented.

Another stated, "This isn't a good look for having no conservatorship."

One replied to the comment, saying, "[Commenter] is only thinking sensible from a legal standpoint. She isn't passing judgment, she didn't say it was wrong in general, so unclenched your panties."

But there were still some fans who supported Britney Spears and how she is now free to do what she wants - almost.

"Um excuse me Ms. Brit but need to put a warning before giving us these fire posts unannounced," one person said.

Britney Spears is still in the middle of ending her dad-led conservatorship. She even chose her lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, reportedly "moving aggressively" to remove her dad from conservatorship.

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