R. Kelly is preventing the newest allegations and evidence from being introduced in court in time for his Brooklyn trial on Aug. 9.

His lawyers are also trying to stop the government's attempt as the singer faces sexual assault allegations by 13 women and two men.

One of the allegations includes impregnating late singer Aaliyah in 1994 when she was only 15 years old and bribed a government employee to create a fake ID for her so they could be married.

According to Kelly's lawyers via AllHipHop, "There is no physical proof, nor circumstantial proof, that any of these allegations put forth by the government are true."

They went on to say, "Due to the unfortunate passing away of Jane Doe #1 [Aaliyah] on Aug. 25, 2001, she is legally unavailable."

Thomas Farinella further said, "Therefore, the additional information the government seeks to introduce regarding Jane Doe #1 is nothing more than conjecture and an effort to shape their narrative further."

Last week, prosecutors submitted a motion to introduce the new evidence claiming the "Ignition" singer had a sexual relationship with an underage male he met at a local fast-food chain, as well as the underage male's friend, who is also underaged.

They also claim that the disgraced musician forced them to have sexual intercourse with his other female sexual partners, where R. Kelly reportedly recorded for his viewing pleasure.

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Meanwhile, with this new allegation, Robert Sylvester Kelly says his constitutional right to a fair trial will be violated if these new allegations will be used as evidence against him.

His lawyers said that they need more time to review 3,500 pieces of new evidence that the government magically produced so that they can provide a proper defense for the R&B singer.

Farinella said, "Given the nearness of trial, the defense is not given ample amount of time to ensure an adequate opportunity to assess the evidence, [or] the purpose for which the evidence is offered."

They also maintain that the questionnaires sent to potential jurors contain topics and questions about their views on same-sex relationships.

The legal team thinks that the topic would have been ripe for questioning, and the failure to include the questions would definitely violate the "I Believe I Can Fly" singer's fair trial.

Per Farinella, "Despite possessing this information, there was never any mention by the government that this controversial topic would potentially be a part of Mr. Kelly's trial. The defense was blindsided."

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