R. Kelly

R. Kelly On Suicide Watch Following Guilty Verdict and Upcoming Chicago Trial

Buzz 09:20AM EDT

R. Kelly's nightmare is only starting. In New York, he was already convicted of racketeering charges, but there's another verdict he is awaiting, and that's for the child porn charges in Chicago.READ MORE

R. Kelly

Will R. Kelly Serve Lifetime Imprisonment After Recent Trial Verdict Against Him?

Buzz 21:36PM EDT

Will R. Kelly receive life imprisonment after his recent guilty verdict?READ MORE

R. Kelly

R. Kelly Performing Live One Last Time Before Going to Prison? [REPORT]

Buzz 00:27AM EDT

Did R. Kelly score himself a gig following his guilty verdict?READ MORE

R. Kelly

R. Kelly Is NOT Guilty, According to Bill Cosby -- 'He Was Railroaded'

Buzz 07:39AM EDT

R. Kelly has found an ally in another celebrity with criminal records - Bill Cosby.READ MORE

R. Kelly

R. Kelly Guilty or Not? Disgraced Singer's Defense Finally Rests in Racketeering Trial

Buzz 21:35PM EDT

R. Kelly's federal racketeering trial reached a new phase after weeks of hearing testimonies from his accusers and witnesses.READ MORE

R. Kelly

Is R. Kelly Taking The Witness Stand Before Trial Concludes?

Buzz 07:11AM EDT

R. Kelly's trial is expected to come to a close on Wednesday. He is being tried for multiple sex crimes and racketeering charges.READ MORE

R. Kelly

R. Kelly Threatened Ex-Assistant After Teen Client Planned to File Lawsuit: report

Buzz 21:51PM EDT

R. Kelly's ex-assistant revealed the threat she sustained after a 17-year-old client planned to file a lawsuit against him.READ MORE


Drake Was FORCED To Credit R. Kelly on 'Certified Lover Boy' Because of This

Genres 21:17PM EDT

Drake was reportedly forced to put R. Kelly's name on his new album, "Certified Lover Boy."READ MORE

R. Kelly

R. Kelly Cashed Out $200K To Silence Victim In STD Lawsuit: report

Buzz 21:37PM EDT

R. Kelly reportedly used his power and money to save his name from an STD lawsuit, a new witness revealed.READ MORE

Will Drake’s Certified Lover Boy Album Receive Backlash for R.Kelly Track Credits?

Will Drake’s 'Certified Lover Boy' Album Receive Backlash for R.Kelly Track Credits?

Buzz 11:00AM EDT

Drake's "Certified Lover Boy" album makes its debut on but is already on the brink of criticism due to R.Kelly's contribution.READ MORE

R. Kelly

R. Kelly's STD Treatment Suspicious; Singer's Doctor to Undergo 'Review' After Giving Testimony

Buzz 20:58PM EDT

R. Kelly may face another trouble soon as a hospital system revealed that it will review the singer's treatment for his sexually transmitted disease.READ MORE

R. Kelly

R. Kelly Guilty? Former Employee Confesses Shocking Action Proving Singer Broke the Law

Buzz 07:09AM EDT

More evidence and witnesses are surfacing to prove that R. Kelly is guilty.READ MORE

R. Kelly

R. Kelly Impregnated Aaliyah? Dead Singer Named 'Jane Doe 1' in Case and Upcoming Trial

Buzz 08:40AM EDT

R. Kelly is preventing the newest allegations and evidence from being introduced in court in time for his Brooklyn trial on Aug. 9.READ MORE

R. Kelly

R. Kelly's Alleged Underage Victim Promised Fame To Engage in Scandalous Acts? [Details]

Buzz 09:30AM EDT

R. Kelly has reportedly promised his underage victim a taste of fame if he did what he wanted that night at the recording studio.READ MORE

R. Kelly

R. Kelly On The Verge of Losing in Upcoming Trials After 2 Members Leave His Legal Team

Buzz 18:45PM EDT

There has been a reshuffling in R. Kelly's legal team once again, as the singer's longtime lawyers have been granted their request to withdraw from his case just weeks before he's due in court.READ MORE

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