June 22, 2018 / 1:40 AM

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R. Kelly Ex-Wife Andrea Reveals Leaving Abusive Relationship Thanks To Online Quiz

R. Kelly's ex-wife, Andrea, recently shared how she figured out that her ex-husband was abusing her during their marriage. R. Kelly is still faced with a long history of sexual abuse accusations.

Leaked Video Shows R. Kelly Saying ‘It’s Too Late’ To Stop His Music Legacy

In a viral video, R. Kelly responded to the sexual misconduct accusations made against him by saying that his legacy is untouchable. This comes a day after a woman filed a lawsuit alleging that the singer gave her herpes.

R. Kelly Faces Lawsuit Alleging He Gave A Woman Herpes

A young woman from Texas filed a lawsuit against R. Kelly. She was in a relationship with the singer-songwriter since she was 19 and the abuse lasted for nearly a year.

Spotify Announces New Hate Content, Conduct Policy, Removes R. Kelly From Official Playlists

Spotify announced its new policy that bars hateful content that expresses or incites violence against a person or group because of race, gender, or religion. The streaming service also took a stand against R. Kelly.

R. Kelly Management Says Time’s Up Movement 'Rushed To Judgment' Joining #MuteRKelly Campaign

The Time's Up movement called for the boycott of R&B singer R.Kelly for the numerous sexual abuse allegations made against him by several women. His management continues to deny all accusations.

R. Kelly Accused of Training 14-Year-Old Girl As Sex 'Pet’

R. Kelly was once again linked to a series of sexual abuse allegations. In an interview, his ex-girlfriend Kitti Jones talked about his alleged sex pet.

R. Kelly Being Kicked Out Of Georgia Sex Palace

R. Kelly was recently evicted from his mansion in Duluth, Georgia, after he failed to pay his rent, as well as his late fees. The singer was previously accused of running a sex cult in the same property.

R. Kelly Readies '12 Nights of Christmas Tour,' Explains Why He Had To Do A Holiday Album

It was only a few short months ago that R.Kelly announced his holiday album, 12 Nights of Christmas and now he's taking the show on the road with a thirteen city tour.

R. Kelly Teases Holiday Album, '12 Nights Of Christmas' Coming Soon

If on the first day of Christmas you receive a partridge in a pear tree can you imagine what kind of body bumping, Jeep riding, backyard partying - body callin' gifts you would get from R. Kelly, on the first night of Christmas? In only a few short ...

After Nelly, 7 Artists In Debt You Can Help By Streaming Their Music

However while we are all in the giving mood, there are a few other musicians who are going through some tough times with the tax man or otherwise, so here are seven songs you all should stream so help them out.

R. Kelly Could Have a New Boo, She's a Model & 19

R. Kelly is reportedly seeing someone who he is in love with. The woman, Halle Calhoun, is a rising model, beautiful and 19-years-old, thirty years his junior.

R. Kelly Facing $500K Fraud Lawsuit for Failed Concerts

R. Kelly has reportedly found himself at the center of a legal battle after being sued for $500k pluse punitive damages, by Swervo Entertainment Group for failed concerts.

Twitter Roasts R Kelly for Watching Kobe Bryant's Last NBA Game on a Tiny TV

R. Kelly posted a photo showing him watching Kobe Bryant's last NBA game before retirement, and Twitter users are roasting the R&B icon's tiny TV.

R. Kelly Announces 'The Buffet' Tour Dates

Back in December, R. Kelly released his thirteenth studio album, The Buffet, and he recently announced some new tour dates in support of his most recent project.

R. Kelly on His Past, Sexual Abuse, Relationship With Aaliyah & Rape Allegations

R. Kelly has opened up more about his past than anyone would’ve thought in a new interview. He’s been in the press lately for a few follies, including walking out of an on camera interview. In his latest interview, Kelly was extraordinarily open, ...

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