Zac Efron might relapse again as the actor continuously exhausts himself with too many projects, a tabloid claimed.

In the past months, Efron bloomed again as he unceasingly appears in several movies and shows. Although the busy schedule can keep him up, it might cause him to repeat the history and suffer from the effects on it.

According to Us Weekly, the actor's friends are worried that the schedule would affect his health negatively.

"Zac just wrapped the Firestarter remake and only has a short break before heading to Thailand for another film," the source said. "His friends are worried about all the bad influences that will be around him there."

The outlet added more fuel to the fire by claiming that the 33-year-old does not have plans on taking a break soon. In fact, he only has a few weeks before the filming of "Three Men and a Baby" starts.

Due to this overwhelming amount of pressure, his friends are reportedly thinking that he might relapse soon.

Is He Really Working Hard To Lose Sobriety?

GossipCop immediately debunked the claims, saying that Efron only works because the projects interest him.

With the burning passion he has, it is highly unlikely that his movies and shows will exhaust him until he wants to depend on drugs and alcohol again.

"It's highly offensive to speculate about his sobriety, especially given his previous addiction struggles. The truth is that the magazine made up a story about how Efron is dangerously close to relapse because it wanted to sell magazines and nothing more," the investigative site went on.

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It has been years since the actor won the battle against addiction. It all started when he landed on the lead role in the "High School Musical" franchise.

At that time, his fame already skyrocketed but the pressure led him to take drugs and consuming alcohol.

Seven years ago, he admitted himself to rehab for the first time to seek treatment. Although he rarely spoke about it, he let go of his thoughts in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

He described the phase as a never-ending struggle that made him drink and do drugs almost at all times.

Efron then joined Alcoholics Anonymous and has been seeing a therapist since 2019.

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