"American Idol" star Syesha Mercado is being heard again, but not on the stage this time.

A couple of days ago, Mercado posted a heartbreaking video of child protective services taking her newborn baby away from her five months after losing custody of her other child, 1-year-old Amen'Ra.

Now, the singer is trying to get custody of both her kids.

Unfortunately, she can't afford to hire a lawyer and all of their fees to fight her legal battle, so she turned to social media to ask for support after losing Amen'Ra.

Mercado created a GoFundMe page, and the money that would be raised will reportedly help her and the things she may need to get her two children back home with her and her partner, Tyron Deener.

Per Radar, the donations have reached almost $400,000, more than the original goal amount of $200,000.

Before authorities forcefully took her newborn daughter, Syesha Mercado shared a video showing her pleading to the government agency not to take her child away from her.

In the heart-wrenching clip, the singer pleaded, "My baby is days old and you're taking my baby away from me. You're taking my baby away from me. You have no heart. This is so wrong."

But per the sheriff's department said in a statement, "The last thing anyone in this business wants to do is shelter children from their parents, but sometimes it is the only direction we are forced to take."

However, Syesha Mercado doesn't have it.

She said that losing custody of her children was "racially motivated." She also claimed that it wasn't necessary to remove them from her care, adding that the child protection services and the authorities have lied to her about the situation repeatedly, which left her clueless about her options.

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When the video spread on social media, Mercado explained the situation from her point of view, explaining that her first child, Amen'Ra, was "forcefully and legally" kidnapped by child protection services.

On Instagram, the reality star wrote, "CPS claim we refused a B12 shot that was a matter of life and death, which is an absolute lie. We never refused a B12 shot, and at no point was he on the verge of death."

The only contact she has with Amen'Ra is via Zoom.

"Our Sun has since been placed with a white foster family without interviewing qualified relatives or friends of our family for placement while they investigate. We are given limited information."

The original Instagram post was published on May 4, a month after child protection services decided to remove another child from her care.

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