Fans are confused, disappointed, and furious because Kanye West has still not released his "Donda" album.

Random things keep happening surrounding the Grammy-winning rapper's album, and now, a new album has unfolded.

On Monday, a rapper working closely with Kanye on "Donda," Kaycyy, revealed on Twitter that he, along with 'Ye and other rappers, is moving to another stadium to finish recording the album.

In a now-deleted tweet obtained by XXL Mag, Kaycyy said, "We're moving to another stadium."

Kanye moved into the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, where he held two listening parties just ahead of the alleged release date.

Temporarily renting out the space reportedly cost the Chicago rapper $1 million per day.

It is unknown where they'll be moving into next, but some fans want 'Ye to stay in one of their city so they could attend a listening party if ever there is a third one.

So what does the tweet mean for the "Donda" album release? No one knows yet. However, streaming platforms said that the album would be available on August 15.

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'Donda' Third Listening Party?

The "Jesus Is King" rapper continues to disappoint fans twice after failing to release his 10th studio album on July 23 and then on August 5/6.

Social media users are exhausted with Kanye West's marketing stunts for "Donda" and are slamming the rapper brutally.

An agitated fan even tweeted,"Stop overhyping Kanye."

A second person tweeted out, "Yeah, we never getting that s---. I don't even care at this point."

But another fan pointed out that the marketing of Kanye's album is just frustrating already, and this is precisely what the former husband of Kim Kardashian wants.

"People should stop waiting for it lol, if it drops then cool, y'all don't realize that's exactly what Kanye doing in his whole life? creating hype for weeks/months saying the project is dropping then he either disappears for a year or he gon drop it on a random Sunday at 15:35.

While there is still no tracklist of "Donda," one song from the album has already been unveiled, and that song is titled "Hurricane," featuring The Weeknd and Lil Baby.

Hypebeast reported that the song was published on Sunday and is available on a few streaming services internationally.

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